Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is my new Knifty Knitter, thanks to Omadonna over at HG message boards. I have been on the board since my early days of crochet and my American Sisters there are always so helpful and complimentary too. I was looking for a knifty knitter on the webb with out much luck, we do not have this type available here in OZ so I asked for some help on the board and Omadonna had one she did not use. I paid her the shipping fee and a very small price for the knitter it's self.
Thank You Omadonna.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pattern Book Stand

We've all got one of those large pattern books that is difficult to hold or stand while reading.
So here is my new idea.

Music stand holder becomes my new pattern book holder.

This was a recent second hand find.

Not only does it fold flat for storage, it makes a lovely decorative item in my room.

Update on Rag Crochet Stiffener

Nine days after my initial PVA glue experiment.
I've re-used the left over glue.
I just had it sitting in a plastic bowl with out a lid.
Firstly I warmed it slightly in the microwave oven, I soaked a piece of material I was using to line a basket that had been previously stiffened, then I simply put the material into place and waited for it to dry. Secondly I immersed a small rag crochet basket into the same mixture, this small basket is being used for a needle and cotton holder. I cut a rubber into half (for holding, sewing needles) and pegged it onto the glue soaked basket and waited for it to dry.
Both items dried as stiff as my first attempt with the glue.
My initial $ out lay was not in vain as I can re-use any left over solution.

The purple toned basket has the big bows attached securely to each end now.

The baskets are going to be used for gift baskets.

A unique and original gift.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Born, Crocheted 3 Piece Outfit

Number 1 grand daughter Lily wanted a hat and some clothes for her baby Born doll. So whilst making them I wrote the pattern down to share with all of my readers.
I have made a simple 3 piece out fit here.
Hat, vest and a pleated look skirt.
I have used a cheap 8 ply yarn with the purple out fit and also some cheap yarn for the yellow and blue out fit, but I held 2 strands of baby yarn together, 1 being 4 ply and the other 5 ply. The different ply's used made very little difference to the actual pattern steps.
I used a 5.00 mm hook.
I have no guage here, but I will say that I am neither a tight crocheter or a loose crocheter, So I am a medium type crocheter.
The terms I am using are US terms.
You will just need left over yarn for this project.

Baby Born doll measures 17 inches long

Some simple embellishments can bring your project to life.

Beginning with the vest pattern.

Vest Pattern, begins at neck edge
Ch 33
1 Work 1 dc in 4th ch from hook, work 1 dc in next 3 ch, work 3 dc in next ch (corner made), work 1 dc in next 5 ch, work 3 dc in next ch (corner made), work 1 dc in next 7 ch, work 3 dc in next ch (corner made), work 1 dc in next 5 ch, work 3 dc in next ch (corner made), work 1 dc in last 5 ch, ch 2 to turn (note ch 2 is first st in next row)

2 Work 1 dc in next 5 dc, work 3 dc in next dc, work 1 dc in next 7 dc, work 3 dc in next dc, work 1 dc in next 9 dc, work 3 dc in next dc, work 1 dc in next 7 dc, work 3 dc in next dc, work 1 dc in next 5 dc and 1 dc in top of ch 2 turning ch, ch 2 and turn

Shape arm holes
3 Work 1 dc in next 7 dc, ch 5, skip next 9 dc, 1 dc in 10th dc and in next 12 dc, ch 5, skip next 9 dc, 1 dc in 10th dc, work 1 dc in next 7 dc (includes top of ch 2 turning ch), ch 2 and turn

4 Work 1 dc in each dc and sc across to end (includes ch 2 turning ch) ch 2 and turn

5 Work 1 dc in each dc across, do not ch 2 or turn


6 Work 2 hdc in same place as the dc just made, work 1 hdc in each row end of vest front edge, work 3 hdc in corner of edge and neck space, work 1 hdc in each ch space across neck edge , work 3 hdc in corner of neck and edge space, work 1 hdc in each row end of vest front edge, finish with 3 hdc in corner space, fasten off and tie in all loose ends.

For a different look, the vest can be worked in BLO on every row
Picture of vest closed

Picture of vest open

Skirt Pattern

Skirt is worked in the direction of the width,

rows 2 through to row 26 are worked in the back loop of the st.

Ch 14

1 Work 1 sc in second ch from hook, work 1 sc in next 4 ch, work 1 dc in remaining 8 ch, ch 3 and turn (turning ch 3 is the first st of the next row)

For the remainder of the pattern all st’s are worked in the BLO
2 Work 1 dc in next 7 dc, work 1 sc in next 5 sc, ch 1 to turn ( ch 1 is only a turning ch)

3 Work 1 sc in next 5 sc, work 1 dc in next 8 dc (includes ch top of turning ch), ch 3 and turn

Rows 4 to 26, repeat rows 2 and 3, do not ch 3, finish off leaving a tail for sewing skirt edging together.

Hat elastic can be sewn around the waist for stretch.

Hat Pattern

Notes: Beginning ch 2 is not counted as a stitch through out hat pattern, you will sl st to join around the post of this ch 2 through out hat pattern.

Beginning at crown
1 Ch 4, work 8 dc in 4 ch from hook, sl st to join at beginning ch3, (8 dc)
2 Ch 2, Work 2 dc in each dc around, sl st to join (16 dc)
3 Ch 2, *work 1 dc in next dc, work 2 dc in next dc* repeat to end, sl st to join (24 dc)
4 Ch 2 * work 1 dc in next 2 dc, work 2 dc in next dc* * repeat to end, sl st to join (32 dc)
5 Ch 2 * work 1 dc in next 6 dc, work 2 dc in next dc* repeat 2 more times, work 1 dc in next 8 dc, work 2 dc in last dc sl st to join (36 dc)
6 Ch 2, work 1 dc in each dc around, sl st to join
7 repeat row 6
Hat Picot edging
8 *ch 5, sl st to next st*, repeat to end finish off. Sew in all loose ends.

Below is the vest worked in the BLO .
I used 2 strands of 5 ply with this one.

Below is the skirt made with a strand of 4 and 5 ply held together.
I have left an opening split in this one.

Here is the hat using the 4 and 5 ply yarn

Here you can see the lemon and blue 3 piece suit together

Link to my baby doll bathing suit pattern.

Feel free to use this pattern, but please do not sell this pattern or claim it as your own. Feel free to link to this pattern. I'd love to see a finished copy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Creative With a Crochet Hook Holder

I was just recently involved in a group swap and the swap theme was a crochet hook holder.
My swap partner was Dawniedear from the C Lovers group on Ravelry, I mailed mine to Dawn last Friday so she should have it by now.
I had some inserts from some busted woopie cushions I wanted to use. But I was not sure what I would make of them at first. I just knew the hooks, a small pair of scissors and my darning needles sat beautifully in them. So then I just thought about the circular shape and what would a person like to have sitting close by in public view of their family home. Eventually I came up with a simple chocolate cake and threw on a couple of strawberries too. The hooks sit inside tiny flowerette's and represent a candle, the scissors sit in between the strawberries, there is a circular white row of sc which imitates the cream in between the cake and a simple picot edging surrounds the lid of the cake imitating some simple piping.

Once I had completed the cake, I sprayed it with some hairspray to give it a bit of stiffness, I had so much fun making this for Dawn, I hope she likes it.

Woopie cushion = A rubber pouch that has a spongey insert, is filled with air and hidden under a cushioned seat. An unsuspecting person will then sit on the seat, the sound the woopie cushion makes when sat on sounds like a fart! So every body thinks that person just farted. Funny hugh?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A table full of projects

All of this to get through! 3 bags to line, 1 bag to needs a bottom and 2 hard glued baskets need the final touches.
So I'm just looking at them all ready to begin, I know once I start it shouldn't take long, but I'm just not getting that urge to get on with it.
I may have done too much today already.
First it was, lets go shopping with the grandson and get new tropical fish.
Next it was lunch at home with no 4 daughter and meet the new boy friend.
Then it was off to the dance studio to record no 3 daughter's dancing exam.
Rush back home to cook tea for no 3 daughter and her new beau' so they could get ready for a big night out, then keep hubby happy until he is zapping out Z's in front of the TV.
My turn I think, coffee and computer, leave the rest for tomorrow.
Do you agree?

Rag Bag Embellishment

What do you use for embellishment and where do you put it?
This can turn into a real challenge.
I have chosen an option here, but I would like to know where you would put the flower or flowers?

Unisex Baby Jacket

I used a pattern from my stash for this little baby jacket, but I made many changes along the way.
I changed the hook size, the yarn thickness, the measurements, the sleeve joins, the collar, the edgings, the tie and the joining method . I may as well have written a new pattern and just used the stitch effect I was after. It's a new born to 3 month old size. Not such a big item, but it did take a few days to make because of all the changes. Was it worth it? Well you can be the judge of that.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rag Crochet with Flat Sheets Back On the Menu!

Some time's when you are feeling very low and upset it helps to get your mind off the bad things by re-visiting your favourite things.
Rag Crochet of late is one of those favourite things. I was flipping through some old crochet pattern books and happened to open one that was "crochet with fleece" when I found it! A no join method for flat sheets! What? I thought you could only do that with doona covers or when you had taken the time to sew up the sheet like a doona cover. In fact I have already tried it and it is twice as fast as using the doona covers, there is no prep work with sheets, they are flat and the majority do not have the thick edging that some times is a cause for a loss of valuable re-useable product.

The sheets are cheaper to buy second hand than the doona covers too!

Below is an image of the long and slow process of joining rag strips.

Below here, is an image of how to no join a flat piece af material.
The super speedy method.

Link to other no joining method.

Special thanks to Purple who put me on my road to the discovery of rag crochet.

Gold Toned Rag Bag

Mix these to gether and what do you get?

This Gold Toned Rag Bag.
The beads were threaded onto some welding wire and sewn into place on the rag bag handle to arch over the shoulder when carrying.
I just have to line the bag now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh It's A Blue Loo

Who would have thought that I would write a post about a WC.

Well here I am doing it.

Hubby bought this out ragious loo seat for the guest loo, it completely ruined the colour scheme in there and I did not have a loo mat to match, so I made one, from rags of course.

The grand kids are going to love the Mr Sharky loo seat when they see it.

Above. The cutting of the rags process.

Below. The finished loo mat.

And below a view with lid open, you sit on the sharks razor sharp lower jaw.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Number 3 Daughter, Terrie Love's to Dance

I don't write much personal stuff in here, but I would like to share an achievement by my 3rd daughter( I have 5 daughters) Terrie.

She loves Street Latin Dancing, and just recently she achieved first place in street latin dancing, this was held at the Melbourne Exhibition Building about 3 weeks ago. She just received her pictures from the day and I am posting them here. I'm very proud of Terrie no matter what she does!

Rag Crochet and Stiffener

Ever tried to use a stiffener? Well I had never tried the process up until the past few weeks. The baskets I have made of late were in need of a stiffener, not only to shape them but to keep them in that particular form, I was aiming for ever.

Firstly I did dome research on line.
The only thing I had lots of on hand of at the time was sugar, so I used that method, 5 days later and not so sticky, they were dried.

Mmm, not as hard as I would have liked, I forgot to bring them in from out side and the night air gave them a slight limp, not the for ever I was aiming for.

Back to the drawing board, I rinsed the sugar solution from them (definately would not have lasted for ever) and dipped them into a new solution of PVA wood glue and water that was slightly heated on the stove. I had already found the perfect shaping tools (kitchen bowls) and once I had squeezed the excess mixture from the baskets, I put the shaping tools in place, made the finer adjustments then put them on big plastic trays (won't stick to them) and then out into the sunshine for a couple of days.

Hard as a rock and the drying time was halved.

The glue dries clear and the remaining glue from the squeezing process has been kept as I will try to re-use this for another project.

Once the baskets are fully completed I will post their pictures. I'm hoping for some lovely country decor'

Here is a very stiff hanging heart basket, it was dried whilst hanging from a nail.