Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Rag Crochet Stiffener

Nine days after my initial PVA glue experiment.
I've re-used the left over glue.
I just had it sitting in a plastic bowl with out a lid.
Firstly I warmed it slightly in the microwave oven, I soaked a piece of material I was using to line a basket that had been previously stiffened, then I simply put the material into place and waited for it to dry. Secondly I immersed a small rag crochet basket into the same mixture, this small basket is being used for a needle and cotton holder. I cut a rubber into half (for holding, sewing needles) and pegged it onto the glue soaked basket and waited for it to dry.
Both items dried as stiff as my first attempt with the glue.
My initial $ out lay was not in vain as I can re-use any left over solution.

The purple toned basket has the big bows attached securely to each end now.

The baskets are going to be used for gift baskets.

A unique and original gift.