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very cool crochet wear

I think it's fun to see unusual, weird and outright crazy crochet. This page will be dedicated to unusual, out dated, weird and crazy crochet. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do. I will add to the picture collection as I find more. Most of these pictures did not have links, but thanks to those who managed to get the pictures of the unusual, weird and crazy crochet

crochet shorts for men

He's enjoying this pose
find free crochet patterns here
And this pose too
find free crochet patterns here
And another pose
find free crochet patterns here
Looks a little like mosaic crochet
find free crochet patterns here
find free crochet patterns here

crochet chevron vest

There is a crochet pattern for these harem pants via this link.
crochet harem pants pattern free

awesome crochet shorts

crochet fashion vest

This man is actually crocheting, not knitting, but the important thing is that he is doing it on the subway

twin crochet set

crochet jumper for a man cool

crocheted hat for a man

crochet winter warmth

crochet winter scarf

crochet a mans suit

Clint Eastwood Paint Your Wagon

Clint Eastwood Paint Your Wagon

crochet a mans vest

crochet a mans overalls

crochet a mans tie

crochet a pair of mans pants

crochet trendy mans pants

crochet art at work

crochet a  tie or head band for  man

crochet a mans costume

man hippy crochet for summer

crochet a mans jacket

crochet trend from the 60's

crochet with beer cans and wear it

yarn snowman

crochet mans sweater

crochet man pants

crochet mens collection

I have an actual link to a man's crochet site, awesome! 
Below is his creation.
one man crochet

1967 Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

1967 Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

Paul McCartney and his Granny Square Vest

Paul McCartney and John Lennon

Paul McCartney on beach

Happy man in blue sweater vest with belt.

Diffused Crocheted Mind

Hand-crocheted pants

Aye,  aye, aye!
man pants

Crochet Body Suit

Asymmetric knitted bodysuit, 1973 Designed by Kansai Yamamoto for the Aladdin Sane tour / Photograph by Masayoshi Sukita © Sukita The David Bowie Archive 2012
Link to photo source
David Bowie in knitted suit
 And another
 Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent wearing a crochet vest in his home in Paris in 1970

Long Shorts

Now these are Dandy!

Crochet worth a look, here on my blog.
more crochet and knit pictures
Crochet Around The World

Paid pattern to go with this crochet shawl

Exploration Station

crochet dressing gown

I don't think so.