Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Creative With a Crochet Hook Holder

I was just recently involved in a group swap and the swap theme was a crochet hook holder.
My swap partner was Dawniedear from the C Lovers group on Ravelry, I mailed mine to Dawn last Friday so she should have it by now.
I had some inserts from some busted woopie cushions I wanted to use. But I was not sure what I would make of them at first. I just knew the hooks, a small pair of scissors and my darning needles sat beautifully in them. So then I just thought about the circular shape and what would a person like to have sitting close by in public view of their family home. Eventually I came up with a simple chocolate cake and threw on a couple of strawberries too. The hooks sit inside tiny flowerette's and represent a candle, the scissors sit in between the strawberries, there is a circular white row of sc which imitates the cream in between the cake and a simple picot edging surrounds the lid of the cake imitating some simple piping.

Once I had completed the cake, I sprayed it with some hairspray to give it a bit of stiffness, I had so much fun making this for Dawn, I hope she likes it.

Woopie cushion = A rubber pouch that has a spongey insert, is filled with air and hidden under a cushioned seat. An unsuspecting person will then sit on the seat, the sound the woopie cushion makes when sat on sounds like a fart! So every body thinks that person just farted. Funny hugh?