Saturday, September 20, 2008

A table full of projects

All of this to get through! 3 bags to line, 1 bag to needs a bottom and 2 hard glued baskets need the final touches.
So I'm just looking at them all ready to begin, I know once I start it shouldn't take long, but I'm just not getting that urge to get on with it.
I may have done too much today already.
First it was, lets go shopping with the grandson and get new tropical fish.
Next it was lunch at home with no 4 daughter and meet the new boy friend.
Then it was off to the dance studio to record no 3 daughter's dancing exam.
Rush back home to cook tea for no 3 daughter and her new beau' so they could get ready for a big night out, then keep hubby happy until he is zapping out Z's in front of the TV.
My turn I think, coffee and computer, leave the rest for tomorrow.
Do you agree?


laughing purple goldfish said...

it's amazing that you get any time to craft with all of that other stuff going on!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Lol Purple, I started a new baby jacket and they are still there.