Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rag Crochet with Flat Sheets Back On the Menu!

Some time's when you are feeling very low and upset it helps to get your mind off the bad things by re-visiting your favourite things.
Rag Crochet of late is one of those favourite things. I was flipping through some old crochet pattern books and happened to open one that was "crochet with fleece" when I found it! A no join method for flat sheets! What? I thought you could only do that with doona covers or when you had taken the time to sew up the sheet like a doona cover. In fact I have already tried it and it is twice as fast as using the doona covers, there is no prep work with sheets, they are flat and the majority do not have the thick edging that some times is a cause for a loss of valuable re-useable product.

The sheets are cheaper to buy second hand than the doona covers too!

Below is an image of the long and slow process of joining rag strips.

Below here, is an image of how to no join a flat piece af material.
The super speedy method.

Link to other no joining method.

Special thanks to Purple who put me on my road to the discovery of rag crochet.


laughing purple goldfish said...

I like their suggestion of cutting off the corners... otherwise you do end up with sticky-outy bits which put me off using this method when I tried it before

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Hi Purple, it's great to learn some thing new.

Stramenda said...

An excellent method ! Thanks for posting this :-) I have lots of sheets I can use up !

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Thanks Stramenda.

SherryMurray said...

My husband was upset with me because I tore up all the pillow cases(Ha Ha ) I'm making my first rag bag now in brown colors. I FEEL SO CRAFTY since I started this project. Thanks to you and Laughing Purple for the inspiration. SOO COOL. P.S. I tryed doing the sheet method and to be honest I could not fiqure it out from Laughing purples. Do you need 3 stripes??? Or 2??? I'm gonna try to copy down your method. Thanks Again from Ohio

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Hi sherry, Lol at the pillow cases! It's so much fun to do the rag crochet, I also feel more crafty. I think there maybe some confusion there with the 3 stripes or 2? Not sure what you mean. When you first try the above method, use a scrap piece of cloth to practice, when I started mine, I did a third of a sheet and it was wrong! Remeber you are cutting towards the open end. Good luck. Cat.
P.S, are you from over at HG board?

SherryM said...

I'm new to this blogging thing. What is HG board??? I have my own blog I just plus I just started on Raverly. I really like looking up your site plus laughing purples.Thanks for the advise. I hope your spirits are better. sometimes ya just need to crochet!! Ya know?? It ALWAYS helps

cats-rockin-crochet said...

I found you sherry.
Just reading your blog now.

SherryM said...

Like I said I'm new. I just added a new post. If you have any pointers I need them. Thanks

Sherryknit said...

I love your cushion cover. The color is cool too. Your so organ
inzed with your yarn Congrats.I'm gonna have to make one. Thanks

Iggle Piggle (aka Jacqui) said...

Thanks for that Cat. I am yet to try a rag bag. The more I read the more confident in giving it a go.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Thanks sherrym and sherryknit, I Kno you are the same person. LOL.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Hi Iggle, I've been using a size 12.00mm hook for the rag bags and they make up quite quickly. It's a bit hard on the hands some times though, not to mention the neck and shoulders too.

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