Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rag Crochet and Stiffener

Ever tried to use a stiffener? Well I had never tried the process up until the past few weeks. The baskets I have made of late were in need of a stiffener, not only to shape them but to keep them in that particular form, I was aiming for ever.

Firstly I did dome research on line.
The only thing I had lots of on hand of at the time was sugar, so I used that method, 5 days later and not so sticky, they were dried.

Mmm, not as hard as I would have liked, I forgot to bring them in from out side and the night air gave them a slight limp, not the for ever I was aiming for.

Back to the drawing board, I rinsed the sugar solution from them (definately would not have lasted for ever) and dipped them into a new solution of PVA wood glue and water that was slightly heated on the stove. I had already found the perfect shaping tools (kitchen bowls) and once I had squeezed the excess mixture from the baskets, I put the shaping tools in place, made the finer adjustments then put them on big plastic trays (won't stick to them) and then out into the sunshine for a couple of days.

Hard as a rock and the drying time was halved.

The glue dries clear and the remaining glue from the squeezing process has been kept as I will try to re-use this for another project.

Once the baskets are fully completed I will post their pictures. I'm hoping for some lovely country decor'

Here is a very stiff hanging heart basket, it was dried whilst hanging from a nail.


laughing purple goldfish said...

hey cat - fabulous result - just wondering how much you diluted the PVA?

cats-rockin-crochet said...

hi purple, the pva 1 ltr container cost $11.00 so I was going to try and use it sparingly, how ever I went very close to a 50/50 ratio (used a little more water), I have half a litre of untouched pva left, but I also have almost that in what I saved from the squeezing process. I am planning to re use the left over as an experiment to see if it still works, I have it in a plastic bowl and I plan to heat it a little in the microwave prior to using it. I'll post the results when done.

Stramenda said...

Wow, excellent results ! I'll have to make one of those :-) Great for gifts !

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Let me know when and I can help.

laughing purple goldfish said...

thanks cat :)

might need to use that method some day!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

I have more idea's on using the stiffener so stay tuned......