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Another design of mine, Mosaic "Diamond Embrace" No mark ups
With the mark ups for mosaic crochet
The "flutter By" pattern is now available here!

 Cuddles n Puddles Free Hat Pattern here.
The "Head Of Hearts" Free Hat Pattern.
See the full written pattern and mosaic graph here!
I have a new hat to share, via this link
Come see my new mosaic crochet hat pattern, via this link 

I made this in March of 2020 so it's in my older style of making graphs, but it's too good not to share for those of you who like Egyptian styles of mosaic, so here it is.
Here is another with the Ankh
My Heart Beat Mosaic Crochet Graph (Feb 2021)
Large version no marks.
This graph of the mosaic crochet Heart Beat shows the single repeat of the pattern and has all the markings for mosaic crochet.
My take on a heart with wings ( release date Jan 2021).
Graph 1 no markings
A red version
Now with the mark ups for mosaic
Here is a large version with repeats
I wanted to make a simple mosaic design for new users and have now finished it! along with written instructions and some tips for measuring, so here it is!
The link to the pattern HERE
A rectangular Illusion
First Picture is a large version of what it can look like
Now for the smaller version with mosaic mark ups.
I always mark the repeats with a red square.

Valentines day 2021 is coming soon, yet hearts are in fashion all year round.
This can graph can be used for a scarf if you doubled the length and you could widen it a little bit more.
It would also look great in almost anything you wanted a love heart on.
I called this one the ten of hearts, because if you count the hearts there are ten of them, simple but snappy, enjoy!
No markings for a good visual
Here are the markings
I called this one mosaic crochet Diamond Trail as it's quite precious and trails off endlessly. I'm quite convinced if an indigenous color sequence was used, that it would look amazing!
Jan 2021 
This is a solo sequence of the pattern.
Here is the large version.
Here is the small graph with markings, when doing these, you only need to repeat what is in the red square to achieve the pattern.

If you check down the bottom of this page you will see an illusion graph like this in a larger version, it too has a pattern repeat of 39 st's, they could be used perfectly together.

You may ask why I am mentioning it again, well that's because I have another one to show you.
It's a diamond in a diamond in a square.
It looks great if the pattern is stacked and even more of an illusion when off set and that is why I will now show you the different versions of it.
Jan 2021
This is the pattern with stacked repeats.
This is the pattern with off set repeats.
I was pretty happy when I also saw another shape happening in this one, can you see it?
Yes the chevron/zig zag.
Now I will give you the graphs with the mark ups for mosaic crochet.

This is a sample of what one pattern sequence will look like.
This is such a pretty mosaic crochet design when made up.
I thought I would show you what the single design element looks like solo and then what it looks like when off set in an entire design.
Very clever design.
Jan 2021

This is simply the top half of the graph on it's own.
Just goes to show how versatile a single element can look.
January 2021
This New Graph I designed, reminds me a bit of Victorian Style Tiles
So that is what I called it. I also made a black version so you can kind of picture what it would look like in black and white.
Black and White Visual
I have a new free pattern 20/11/20 to share!Written and graph instructions are here.
I designed this Mosaic Crochet
Just A Square
on the 05/11/2020
It was a fast and easy design as all in all, it's just a square, but! it looks amazing.
The large version
The small version
The medium version with the mosaic crochet mark ups.
This is a mosaic crochet design I began some time back, I thought it was nice enough to share.
Mosaic Crochet Dia-Tri the large version no mark ups.
The smaller chart with mark ups.
Mosaic The Feathers.

This one had me stumped for a while, it was difficult to point out the repeat sequence, but I did persevere over time and now it is ready for show.
1 simple element, repeated over and over, the element is common in mosaic crochet and looks like this.

Finished 22/10/20
The large version, no marking.
The small version with mosaic markings 

Designed by me 21/10/2020
This design has many similar elements of other mosaic designs, but I have put my own interpretation into it.
mosaic crochet
This one has the mark ups and repeat sequence for your mosaic crochet pattern.
Designed by me 14/10/2020
Mosaic Lantern Trellis
The first graph shows the split up of the mosaic pattern.
The second graph shows what it looks like as a whole.
The mid section can be repeated for a length of your desire, I hope you like this as it took some time to design, being unwell as I am causes a lot of brain fog for me.
mosaic crochet
You can get really creative with this one by having some solid diamonds mixed among-st the empty diamonds.
mosaic crochet
Finally! I have a sample to show you and have a free written pattern for the Mosaic Lantern Trellis!
Designed by me 29/09/2020
Mosaic Blocked Diamonds
mosaic crochet graph pattern
Designed by me 30/09/2020
Mosaic Crochet Hanging Lanterns
I Have a larger version of this to release soon.
Mosaic Crochet Pattern Graph

I used these graphs in a hat and in the round.
mosaic crochet
mosaic crochet
 I used the Bird graph in this hat.
mosaic crochet hat
mosaic crochet
mosaic crochet

I used these graphs for the 2 row mosaic crochet technique
2 row mosaic crochet
I designed these heart charts to use. 
More info on these via this LINK
mosaic crochet heart
mosaic crochet heart
mosaic crochet heart
The endless love, mosaic crochet graph is based on the solid heart I designed
This is the honeycomb graph I designed.
mosaic crochet

I made this graph for a cardigan that I made for one of my grand kids.
mosaic crochet cardigan
I made it from the bottom up and kept the graph pattern going as I divided the cardigan for back and front panels.      
 Little Miss Breanna 
mosaic crochet
A cherry vine I made.
mosaic crochet
A mosaic graph that is widely available
mosaic crochet
 mosaic crochet 
mosaic crochet
mosaic crochet
 I designed this for a pillow I made,
mosaic crochet
mosaic crochet
Here is some graph paper you may want to use
graph paper
graph paper
 A mosaic sample I made up
mosaic crochet

mosaic crochet
Photo Compliments Of Una Shanahan

mosaic crochet

mosaic crochet
mosaic crochet

The Elephant Kiss.
I made this graph larger so you can visualize it on a blanket.
Here is a puzzle style of crochet mosaic.
I have given you a small sample, followed by a large version for a visual reference as to how a large piece may look.
mosaic crochet puzzle
Don't forget you can click on the picture to enlarge and save it.
This one has the last row of the first pattern repeat, over lapping with the first row of the pattern repeat from above, but they can be done with a space in between them.
mosaic crochet puzzle