Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Hexagon Jacket

Have you seen the hexagon jackets? Well I made mine into a short sleeve sloppy sweater.
I used a sweater for basic measurement as per the picture below, not a very accurate form of measurement as my garment turned out a bit sloppy, but I rather that than a tight fitting one as I also wanted room under neath it to wear a singlet/tank/t shirt.

I made a center piece in the form of a V to give the garment a bit of shape and to allow for the extra size I wanted in the center.

I filled in the back piece with some Tunisian crochet for a little bit of different texture.

All I had to do next was to give it more length, I pondered abut this for some time and I decided to crochet a few rows in the same stitch I had been using, I  tried it on and decided that would look the best for the rest of the garment, I don't like too many frills and the shape was very good.
Below is the front view of the picture of the garment finished

And here is the back view finished.
As I mentioned it is a little bit large, but looks quite alright on, it passed the hubby test, so that's fine in my book.
Here is a link to a free baby hexagon pattern, granny stitch and dc stitch.


Lilacanglia said...

wonderful jacket,

Angelika@ Purple Sage Designz said...

Hey I like it, have been looking at hexagon patterns for a while now, are there any adult sized ones out there?
I like the longer length on yours, mixes it up a bit.

Dheeny Thea said...

i've made this one in toddler's easy, isn't it?
I took the pattern from Thata Pang's book

Mimi said...

This is just cool..I have made a ton of the baby hexs, and it never crossed my mind ((smiles))) not that I could have enlarged it to look right. I am in awe.