Thursday, August 26, 2010

My locker Hooked Mat

So here is the finished mat, I did begin with the rug hooking method and got a bit worried about the materials pulling out, so I used the locker hooking method, the foundation is not quite burlap, it was very fine and did not hold the rug hooking method very well, but was holding with the locker hooking method.
My design began with me thinking to myself, what would a person not want to see when sitting on the toilet and eye's came to me, so that was the only thing I drew on first and made, the rest had to surround the eye's. There is a nose and a mouth, a garden some mountains, eye lashes and eye shadow. I used bits of yarn that were unusable from the frogging of the sweaters, left over shirt pieces from revamping my sweater and some yarn that is lumpy and too difficult to crochet with. The backing it self came from the second hand shop which cost about 20 cents.
Here is the mat in use, but I have taken it out of the main toilet and placed it into my en suite, I think the grand kids may be scared by it. Over all I am quite happy with the mat. Hubby says it looks scary, but it is staying put until it needs a wash.