Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crochet for Summer

Want to make some crochet gifts for Christmas but you live in a hot climate at that time of year?
Well you still can with the help of some light and airy crochet stitches.
Below is a solomons knot st shawl, it was my first attempt at this st also known as the lovers stitch.
I watched some you tube demonstrations then followed this pattern to make the shawl.
The only thing different I would have liked was for the pattern to begin with a row of sc then work the solomons st off that. I did add a row of hdc to the top of the shawl after I finished the pattern, it seems to hold the whole thing in place much nicer.

Below is a scarf I made from recycled yarn, I got the pattern from the pattern book, Crochet Inspiration, pattern number 97 on page 100 of the pattern book. If you do not have this particular pattern book it is a must have for the crochet enthusiast.

Below is a simple crochet filet st made in the cotton I obtained from the yarn purchase below. To make this more appealing I hand sewed rows of small seed beads across the scarf.

I bought this mess of yarn from the second hand shop for $5.00.

After about an hour of sorting this is the amount of yarn I had, not bad for the price.

I'll be back with some more summer crochet idea's to share with you all.

Here is a lovers knot wrap (solomons knot) from a reader who was happy to share her wrap with us all, thank you so very much, you can view her site here.

  Here is another solomons knot shawl from Catarina, I think I like it more than mine :) and here is what she has to say about hers.

"Here is mine, I decided to do it to use on neck cause the size of the stich was not very perfect and equal :P but i like it :P"