Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crocheting Around With Xmas Curling Ribbon

I crocheted with curling ribbon
This was a cheap packet of xmas curling ribbon that was opened and damaged, so it was discounted. It normally retails for about $2.30 and has 6 balls in the pack. You can crochet with almost anything so I thought I'd give it a go.

I began with the milk ring theory as I have used before and just covered the ring with sc.

I then continued with 2 dc in each sc around.

With the silver I did 1dc, then 2dc all the way around, but by this time it was starting to curl up a bit and I used up the entire ball of silver, I went on to the green and just did 1dc in each dc around.
I'll probably add some more of the gold and fill that gap with a hanger or something. I used a 6mm hook and could have gone a larger hook. This is just to show, just one of the many types of things we can crochet with, especially when they are a bargain medium. So watch out for the end of xmas sales, you never know what you can pick up to make for next xmas.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tunisian and Cro Hook Learning

I highly recommend to visit this first link and watch both video's, much to learn from them, also while you are there, have a browse around the site.

Here are some more links to see too.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tunisian Scarf

I do like the look of the Tunisian St, but I must say, I find it a fair bit slower than crochet.
Below are some pictures of my very first Tunisian scarf. I used a size 6mm Tunisian hook. I used about 26 st's across, the yellow parts are made up of about 20 rows and the variegated was 5 rows, which I added the pebble st to in a couple of different ways. Once the scarf was finished and the ends were sewn in, I added a beaded fringe for that extra finer touch.

This has been made for my dear sister in law Robyn, who always brings me yarn or other crafty things I need, I'm very happy with the colour combo in this one. Hope you like it.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More of my Grandson's

Here are 2 of my other grandsons.
This trendy little fellow is Cooper (3)

This little cutey is Bradyn (9 months)

They are the sons of my second eldest daughter Cristy.

They live very close by, so I get to see them lots, lucky me. Poor little Cooper is so corrupted by his Nanny, he will only eat chocolate that has the cadbury label on it, he won't eat any jelly type lollies and he loves his soft drink, to his mothers displeasure. We sit at the table and just talk, talk, talk, we wave our hands around and use many facial expressions. His vocabulary is growing and our conversations are becoming longer and more interesting. Brady is still a baby, but he recognises me and I always get a great big smile from him.

Introducing 4 of my 4 step grand children

Introducing 1 of my 4 step grandchildren

This is Flynn he will be 4 in January 2009, he is the son of my step son Matthew and his Mother Sue-Anne. Flynn likes to fish and do lots of boy things, his Mum and Dad will be giving Flynn a brother or sister next year.

Introducing 3 of my 4 step grand children.

From left to right, Darcy (6), Bella (4), Lilly (8).

Darcy loves Ben 10 at the moment, Bella is into Dora and Lilly loves High School Musical.

So all of those types of things are on the commercial xmas list for this year.

I say commercial because that is how I think xmas gets now a days.

They all love coming over to Nanny Cath (me) and Pa's house for a sleep over. They love to get into the chocolates and soft drink.

But these days knowing how those things get kids hypo, I try to supply other things they may like.

But they always find Pa's lolly jar and raid it!

These 3 are a full on bunch so they do not need more encouragement from those so called evil additives.

They are the 3 children of my step daughter Beck and son in law David.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yarn Winder Update

Boo hoo, I missed out on the new yarn winder in the ebay auction.
How ever some very kind people are willing to supply me with one, for the cost of postage alone.
These people wish to remain anonymous.
But a big hug goes out to the 2 kind people who organised this for me!

But for a funny story about this yarn winder, have a look at the rubber attatched to the wire where the yarn is held. I wondered why there was a rubber/eraser there, it must serve some purpose I thought, so I left it on. But I received a message from one of the above generous people, who informed me that they only put the eraser on the wire for postage, so as it would not tear through the packaging!

Funny Hugh'

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yarn Winder Variations

I want a yarn winder, so I have been checking on what is up for auction on ebay.
I did my research first of all and knew there abouts what I needed/wanted.
Below is the yarn winder I have placed a bid on, I saw a used one that was similar marked GC, but this is new, so it must be excellent condition. Postage was a similar price and my bid price is way below what the other one went for. It has about 20hrs to go.

My purpose for the yarn winder is to join all of my scrap yarn and winding it into a ball. The balls once made, allow you to use the yarn from the centre of the ball, which I love doing.

Now while I was looking I came across some strange looking yarn winders.

This one is described as a Jumbo Ball Winder with Tension Guide.

Buy it now US $117.99 plus P&H. Holds up to 500gms.

Wooden Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder- Big -up to 1 lb yarn. Buy It now price US $98.00 plus P&H.

Vintage Singer Knitting Machine Wool Winder & Row Counter. Starting bid GBP 4.99

In Good Used Condition

Vintage..Watson`s Wool Winder Made from Bakerlite with Metal clips in very good cond.
Clips on to your table. Starting bid AU $9.00

Vintage Wooden Yarn Winder Homespun Needlecraft. Starting bid US $9.76

How do you think this one could possibly wind yarn? I thought it may be a type of swift, which I only recently heard about, but still do not know what they are good for!

Description of the swift: Which is pictured below if you are a first time viewer of them like I was a couple of weeks ago.
New Wooden (Birch) Swift Yarn Winder Umbrella Medium. Current bid: US $41.00 To see this swift in action, see the youtube video below.

It's another unusual swift!

Schacht Goko Yarn Swift Skein Winder. Starting bid US $75.00. This traditional Japanese swift spins easily on its wooden base. Holds up to 8 ounce skeins. Adjustable for skeins with 55" to 63" circumference. Comes apart for shipping

Well I suppose we have come along way since these were made at the turn of the century
Sweet little yarn or thread winder in Swedish birch wood late 19 early 20th. century. In a very good condition with a nice patina! The weight is 140 gr. and it's approx. 6" (150mm.) high, diameter of the base 3.5"(85mm.) the "yarn collectors" 2.4" (60mm.) x 4.3" (110 mm.)
Current bid: US $9.99

I would have thought this one to be a rolling pin! LOL.
Thanks to JC for the link.

This is what you call a niddy noddy.

Home made niddy noddy, directions how to make it here.

I hope you found this post a little bit interesting and different.

Quick and Easy Xmas Tree Decoration Tutorial

This assortment is just to give you an idea of the different looks you can come up with.
A closer view, silver pipe sticks and some glitter pom poms, were added for the finer touches.

Gold bells were a nice addition here.

This is where you may find the plastic ring

To begin, gather yarn in xmas colours and those handy little plastic rings from the tops of your juice or milk containers. Yarn thickness and hook size is up to you.

Join yarn to ring, any way you like.

Hdc around ring until it is covered, I completed about 30 or so.

Hdc= yo hook, insert hook into ring, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yo over hook and pull through all 3 loops.

Once completly covered you will need to chain a little hanger.

I chained 10 here.

Slip stitch to join, fasten off leaving a tail to sew join together.

We are also hiding the the little tail here by sewing it in.

First round and hanger completed here.

Another joining method is to sl st to beginning.

Chain 10 for hanger, then join where you did the first sl st, but you still have to sew in that little tail.

For this one, I am just going to go half the way around with some green yarn. I will begin and end where my hook lays.

I've chained 3 and will do, 2 dc in the same place.

I've slip stitched in between the st's I don't want to use, then repeated, with the ch 3 and 2 dc in the same place.

I've just winged it (guess work) to the other side, no fancy counting, but it looks even to me and that will do.

Sew in the loose end and choose an adornment.

I like this, simple yet effective.

I'm trying a triangular look on this one.

I winged it (guess work) around again, had to frog it once to get it even.

I hdc, 2 dc, 1trbl, 2dc,1 hdc, was what I used in the peaks.

Once again choose an adornment and away you go!

I find the end of xmas sales have plenty of adornments for next to nothing, so that is a good time to grab some.

I would love to see how your decorations come out, so please leave a link in the comments section so I can view them.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recent picture of 4 of my 5 daughters

From left to right, Danielle (20), Casey (22), Terrie (25), Cristy (26). It was Casey's 22nd birthday. Just thought I would share my loved one's and best friends with you all.