Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Introducing 4 of my 4 step grand children

Introducing 1 of my 4 step grandchildren

This is Flynn he will be 4 in January 2009, he is the son of my step son Matthew and his Mother Sue-Anne. Flynn likes to fish and do lots of boy things, his Mum and Dad will be giving Flynn a brother or sister next year.

Introducing 3 of my 4 step grand children.

From left to right, Darcy (6), Bella (4), Lilly (8).

Darcy loves Ben 10 at the moment, Bella is into Dora and Lilly loves High School Musical.

So all of those types of things are on the commercial xmas list for this year.

I say commercial because that is how I think xmas gets now a days.

They all love coming over to Nanny Cath (me) and Pa's house for a sleep over. They love to get into the chocolates and soft drink.

But these days knowing how those things get kids hypo, I try to supply other things they may like.

But they always find Pa's lolly jar and raid it!

These 3 are a full on bunch so they do not need more encouragement from those so called evil additives.

They are the 3 children of my step daughter Beck and son in law David.