Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yarn Winder Variations

I want a yarn winder, so I have been checking on what is up for auction on ebay.
I did my research first of all and knew there abouts what I needed/wanted.
Below is the yarn winder I have placed a bid on, I saw a used one that was similar marked GC, but this is new, so it must be excellent condition. Postage was a similar price and my bid price is way below what the other one went for. It has about 20hrs to go.

My purpose for the yarn winder is to join all of my scrap yarn and winding it into a ball. The balls once made, allow you to use the yarn from the centre of the ball, which I love doing.

Now while I was looking I came across some strange looking yarn winders.

This one is described as a Jumbo Ball Winder with Tension Guide.

Buy it now US $117.99 plus P&H. Holds up to 500gms.

Wooden Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder- Big -up to 1 lb yarn. Buy It now price US $98.00 plus P&H.

Vintage Singer Knitting Machine Wool Winder & Row Counter. Starting bid GBP 4.99

In Good Used Condition

Vintage..Watson`s Wool Winder Made from Bakerlite with Metal clips in very good cond.
Clips on to your table. Starting bid AU $9.00

Vintage Wooden Yarn Winder Homespun Needlecraft. Starting bid US $9.76

How do you think this one could possibly wind yarn? I thought it may be a type of swift, which I only recently heard about, but still do not know what they are good for!

Description of the swift: Which is pictured below if you are a first time viewer of them like I was a couple of weeks ago.
New Wooden (Birch) Swift Yarn Winder Umbrella Medium. Current bid: US $41.00 To see this swift in action, see the youtube video below.

It's another unusual swift!

Schacht Goko Yarn Swift Skein Winder. Starting bid US $75.00. This traditional Japanese swift spins easily on its wooden base. Holds up to 8 ounce skeins. Adjustable for skeins with 55" to 63" circumference. Comes apart for shipping

Well I suppose we have come along way since these were made at the turn of the century
Sweet little yarn or thread winder in Swedish birch wood late 19 early 20th. century. In a very good condition with a nice patina! The weight is 140 gr. and it's approx. 6" (150mm.) high, diameter of the base 3.5"(85mm.) the "yarn collectors" 2.4" (60mm.) x 4.3" (110 mm.)
Current bid: US $9.99

I would have thought this one to be a rolling pin! LOL.
Thanks to JC for the link.

This is what you call a niddy noddy.

Home made niddy noddy, directions how to make it here.

I hope you found this post a little bit interesting and different.


Sherry said...

I have a yarn winder similar to the top photo, but it did not cost anywhere that $117.99! Seems like it was $30 or so with P&H.

When I was researchng swifts, I found a how-to on the internet and showed it to DH. He asked what it was used for...I showed him the yarn hanks I have and draped them over the back of my desk chair.

After a bit of hemming and hawing...I need to go to a second hand store and buy a cheap lamp with a shade. I can drape the hanks over the shade, loosen the finial on top and, using my winder, wind you have a mental picture of this?

Rachel G said...

Hi Cats. I have seen those 3 swift like winders. I like the verticle design on the 1st one and last one of the 3. Though I don't use hanks of yarn (yet). but if I did I would most definatly want one of these! And a suggestion for biding on e-bay (though I'm sure you know this) is if you are able to be there when the auction closes don't bid till the last minute (litterally) or all you will be doing is driving the price up. throwing your bid in in the last miniute will give you a better chance of getting it AND getting the best price.

have a great weekend
Rachel G

JC said...

I just use a nostpinne. You can get a good one for about ten dollars, and it's easy to use once you learn how. Knowing you, you could make one!

Good links include:

and video:

Take a look at these before you buy a winder... you might be surprised how easy it is!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Sherry, I so have that pictured in my mind, how creative of you with the lamp shade!

Rachel, thanks for the bidding tips, hope you get your swift one day.

JC, thanks for the info and the links, I might just include them in this blog post.

Live 2 Knit said...

I (obviously) have both a yarn winder & swift, couldn't live without my swift & the ball winder I have is exactly like the one you've bid on, the only negative thing I can say about mine is that if you wind too fast, with too much tension, the cone (the bit that the yarn winds around) can fly off sometimes, very annoying!
I find that a toilet roll, or similar, is great for winding yarn onto like a nostepinne in a pinch.

Sherryknit said...

I went to a local craft store today and saw one of the wooden pine looking ones that you do by hand. It was 5.99 . It was a pretty oak looking wood. I could not afford it plus the yarn I wanted so maybe next time. I LOOVE this article that you wrote on these. WAY COOL CAT!! I did not know the varity.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Thanks Sherryknit, I did not know they existed before this post either!

Anonymous said...

How can i buy the "Schacht Goko Yarn Swift Skein Winder"?


cats-rockin-crochet said...

Re Schacht Goko Yarn Swift Skein Winder", have a look on ebay, that's where I found most of these :)