Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crocheting Around With Xmas Curling Ribbon

I crocheted with curling ribbon
This was a cheap packet of xmas curling ribbon that was opened and damaged, so it was discounted. It normally retails for about $2.30 and has 6 balls in the pack. You can crochet with almost anything so I thought I'd give it a go.

I began with the milk ring theory as I have used before and just covered the ring with sc.

I then continued with 2 dc in each sc around.

With the silver I did 1dc, then 2dc all the way around, but by this time it was starting to curl up a bit and I used up the entire ball of silver, I went on to the green and just did 1dc in each dc around.
I'll probably add some more of the gold and fill that gap with a hanger or something. I used a 6mm hook and could have gone a larger hook. This is just to show, just one of the many types of things we can crochet with, especially when they are a bargain medium. So watch out for the end of xmas sales, you never know what you can pick up to make for next xmas.