Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Crochet Newborn Baby Beanie

Cat's Beanie-Babe #1

To fit: newborn
Hook size: 4.00mm US G/6
Yarn: 8 ply approx 50 gm’s US DK/Medium
US crochet terms used
Skill level: beginner +
Tension: medium
Time: approx 2 hours

Stitches used:
Sl st= slip stitch
Ch= chain
Hdc= half double crochet  
yo, insert hook into top two loops of stitch,
yo, pull through stitch (3 lps on hook),
yo,  pull through all 3 loops on hook.

Bl= back loop
Fphdc= front post half double crochet
Bphdc= back post half double crochet
Measurements: Head Circumference 13 inches, hat height 5 inches

Row 5 end increases
Row 5 end increases
Length of hat with out ribbed edge

Length of hat with ribbed edge

Special Notes: I like the wrong side of the hdc to show on the out side, but if you prefer to show the right side on the out side, on row 16, work that row into the front loop of the st, this helps for better folding of the ribbed edge

 Wrong side out

Right side out
The beanie begins at the top of the head and worked down to the ribbed edging, the beanie is worked in one piece using the hdc st, which makes a nice closed stitch.
Beginning ch 1 of every rnd is not counted as a st.

Chain 4, sl st to first ch to form a ring.

Row 1 ch 1, work 12 hdc into ring, sl st to join in the 1st hdc (you will do this on every round until a ch 2 begins)

Row 2 ch 1, work 2 hdc into each hdc around to end, sl st to join (24 hdc)

Row 3 ch 1, *work 1 hdc into the next 2 hdc, work 2 hdc into the next* repeat from *to* to end, sl st to join (32 hdc)

Row 4 ch 1, *work 1 hdc into the next 3 hdc, work 2 hdc into the next* repeat from *to* to end, sl st to join (40 hdc)

Row 5 ch 1, *work 1 hdc into the next 4 hdc, work 2 hdc into the next* repeat from *to* to end, sl st to join (48 hdc)

Stop increasing
Row 6 to 15 ch 1, work 1 hdc into each hdc around to end, sl st to join


Row 16 ch 1, work 1 hdc in the back loop of each hdc around to end, (48 hdc),sl st to join by going around the back of the sc (see image)

Making the ribbed edge:

Row 17 ch 2 (the ch 2 is now a new st),* work 1 fphdc around the post of the next hdc, work 1 bphdc around the post of the next hdc,* repeat from *to* to end of the round,  sl st into top of ch 2 to join

Row 18 , 19 and 20, ch 2, *work 1 fphdc around the post of the next fphdc, work 1 bphdc around the post of the next bphdc,* repeat from *to* to end of round, sl st to join, at the end of row 20, finish off yarn leaving a small tail to weave in 
The beanie-babe is designed as a smart grow. 
It will grow with your baby by adjusting the ribbed edge.

Hide loose ends, fold up ribbed edge, add pompom if you choose,or my new beary easy bear applique, link here

Good luck with your baby beanie, I’d love to hear your feed back.
Please do not sell this pattern, please link back to me if you use this pattern, I’d love to see this used for charity, and you can make and sell items from this pattern too.

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More like....etc. said...

thanks for this!!! :)
my friend's daughter wanted me to make her "American girl doll" a hat, I think I can use part of this as a base to get started as I wasn't sure what size... thank you! :) not to mention my own daughter's dolls ;)

JeNNiG28 said...

made this for a friend who is awaiting a new grandson & granddaughter...love it!! was easy and quick and adorable! now I have to run to the store for more yarn to make one for the baby girl

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Thank you for your feed back much appreciated :) Cat XX00

Anonymous said...

How do I increase the circumference fo my seven month old grandson?

cats-rockin-crochet said...

make another round or 2 of increases :)

Jan Ilten said...

Thank you so much for being generous enough to share your work. I had been looking for a beanie for boys that had some kind of edging, but all I was finding was frilly ones and that just won't quite work with camo yarn, lol. I'm also making a few extras to take to the local hospital for babies and chemo patients. I've got oodles of yarn that was left to me from my grandmother and I'm needing ways to use it up. I currently have my grandmother in a rehab/nursing center and have been looking for items to share with the residents. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.
Jan Ilten aka Rayne Beaux online

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Thanks so much Jan, you may want to have a look at these links.



Anonymous said...

i would like a hat without the brim with a flower on the side need instructions on hat and flower the young girls are all wearing them here it just looks like the hat resse witherspoon wore in legally blonde have tried myself just cant get it have any ideas

Anonymous said...

Make some bags that hang from walkers. I have seen several patterns from red heart i believe

sharpei93 said...

Thank you...
New grandbaby due in May..
I can think of tons of ways to further embellish for variety...:)

Mandy L said...

Can you share the measurements you use for larger hats? I find everything I've come across ends up to long, which is horrible for gifts

Cathy Wood said...

Mandy L, Bevs Country Cottage has great measuring information, when I get stuck I go there, just type in her name and use her drop down menu for sizing, cheers Cat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your talent. This pattern is so cute.