Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crochet Hook Holder

Crochet Hook Holder
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for my new crochet hooks

The addi swing crochet hook is exactly what it says it is.
Ergonomically friendly.
I posted a little while back about my golfers elbow pain being eased by crocheting, so I thought I would go one step further and buy a better hook, I did purchase a top brand name and was not happy with that, so I went onto do more research and found the addi swing.
This hook has given me more progress of easing the golfers elbow to almost no pain when I cut, wipe or rub.

 It's so comfortable to use, I have a knife grip on my hook, but if you had a pencil hold on your hook it would still be worth the buy with the pen hold as it has a very comfortable hold equal to a pen grip and a groove for your thumb to sit into.
With the knife grip there is a generous amount of length to hold onto your hook and a hook shaft that just glides through your crochet work.
They remind me of holding a tooth brush or nice shaver, the more expensive type's that give you a comfortable hold and grip.

So I had  to make a new holder for my hooks.

1 solid disposable cup
Some yarn and my hook

Start with making a sc circle to fit the bottom of the cup, once it fits the bottom of the cup, stop increases, continue to crochet and your work will grow tall up the sides of your cup
 I increased for the top of the lip for both out side and in side of the cup.
Then I decreased back to the st count the same as the sides of the cup and crocheted it just a little longer so the whole piece will fit snug outside and inside with out any need for glue
The next part I made.
 I made 8 sc in a ring and crocheted in the round for the length desired, this will hold my needles and scissors and I am going to place it around the cup like a 
This is what I had been using for a long time
I sewed the donut around the cup and secured it in only 3 places, this leaves me gaps to slide my scissors and whatnot into

 I had no need to stuff the needle holder as I made it thick by using 2 strands of yarn.
So here she is all finished, simple yet effective
I really missed my old crochet hook organizer, so I gave it a face lift and another dimension, an inner upright hook holder for the addi swing hooks.
I'm so pleased to have her back I missed her convenience, here is a picture of her with her new face lift.
 The tiny buttons are to hold small sewing needles.
 this is the guts of her, so you can see it's easy to stick in pins and hooks!