Friday, June 28, 2013

Granny Edge Slouch Hat

Basic Instructions For Granny Edge Slouch
(this is not a written pattern)
Medium Adult Size

Materials needed:
AU 8 ply or US sports weight yarn
Approx 80 gm's main color small amount of contrast color
4 mm, 4.5mm, (or substitute 4.5mm for 5mm)
Sewing needle, scissors and measuring tape.

St's used:
US terms
Ch = chain
Dc = double crochet

Skill level = experienced
Time approx 3 hours minimum

Hat is made by making the granny squares first, sewing them together, adding yarn to the granny's for the top section and leaving an opening for a draw string, then adding yarn for the hat edge/brim.

You will need to make at least 6 granny squares first, here is a pictured tutorial with the color change, but I did 2 chain in between each 3 dc's, your granny square needs to be approx 3 inches in size, no need for exact measurements as long as all of your squares are the same size
 After sewing in all ends of the granny squares you will need to sew them together in a horizontal line, do not close the circle yet! Wrap the piece around your head to see if it will fit, if it is too tight add another granny square.
Below is my formula for calculating my stitch count, you will need more st's for the top of the hat and less for the brim of the hat, look at the picture above and you will see that I have started to dc into the spaces that I have counted in the picture below.
Using the larger hook, sl st into the corner and ch 3, 1 dc in each of the 3dc group, 1 dc into the ch 2 space, 1 dc into each of the corner spaces, all the way across to the end of your granny squares ending with a 1 dc in the corner space.
Your stitch count does not have to be the same as mine, it just has to be evenly spaced

Once you get to the end and you are pleased with your evenness, fold the piece in half and sl st into the beginning ch 3
Now sew that last space up of the granny squares to join into a ring shape
From here on you will just do rows of dc for about 12 inches in length (includes granny squares)

With the last few rounds of mine I decreased for about 3 rows.
row 1 dec in every 5th st
row 2 dec in every 4th st
row 3 dec in every 3rd st
Finish off
This is totally optional as you are going to finish with a hole in the end of your slouch and you will be threading a draw string in to the end of the hat and just pulling it together.

 Beginning the edge/brim.
Use your smaller size hook (if needed, see below).
Sl st to join yarn in any corner space of the granny and ch 3, you will be working 2 dc's in the group of 3 dc's, 1 dc in the ch 2 space and 1 dc into the corner spaces, sl st to top of ch 3 to join
 You will have approx 60 dc's
This is the time to measure and make adjustments for the size of the hat you want, less st's will make a smaller hat and extra st's will make a larger hat, you can also use a smaller or larger hook to get your sizing

Make as many rows of dc as you like and finish off.
Sew in all loose ends
Make a draw string and thread it through the top of your hat

 On the hat edge/brim I chose to use the bpdc and fpdc to give it a ribbed look.
On the top part of the hat I chose to use a crossed dc to give the hat a nice stitch.
On the bottoms of my draw string, I added small flowers and a crochet cork screw.
Here is one with a small granny and cork screws that I will add to the draw string once strung.
There are plenty more effects you can add to the hat and I'd love to see what you do if you would like to share your pictures, you can send them to my email address or find me on face book.
I hope you found these instructions helpful.

I used the same method with this one below

Credit where credit is due thank you