Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Of My Latest Crochet Projects

It's Winter Here In Australia

I have so many requests for hats and I want to share their images here so I won't forget what I have made.
I am making most of them for my local chemist and if they ask for a replica I can come here and look at what I made to reproduce it.

So the slouch is very popular, I was shocked that any body would want to wear such a thing, after making lots of them, I don't mind them so much now and understand their purpose.

I also have some other items I need to keep track of.

Stylish Hat.

Character hat

Footy Hat/Neck Warmer


Plan lay out


Baby/Toddler Hat

So as you can see I have been busy, other crochet pictures have been used for patterns I have written and posted on my blog, so you can flick through and see them in my recent posts.
Cheers Cat.

Some Berets/Slouch