Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flower Pop Flower Pattern

Flower Pop Pattern

I call this flower, the flower pop,
 as it really makes a plain hat pop!

I wrote the pattern this way for a bit of fun, let me know if you do not like it and I will write it differently
You can make this, with or without the beads
US terms used:
3.5 mm hook
8 ply yarn, small amount
16 x 4 mm beads or beads that will thread onto your yarn of choice
A needle or piece of wire for threading beads

Firstly thread on your beads if you are using them

The beads will be facing the back of your work, so we need to turn and work from the other side where the beads are showing themselves
Make a sc where you placed your sl st to join this round
follow the instructions below until you have 8 loops, then slip st into the first sc of the round and make another sl st into the first loop of the round.

You are currently in the first loop with a sl st.
make a ch 1, sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc, sl st into the loop, then chain 1 to get to the next loop and repeat the same steps.
once you have finished the 8 loops, ch 1 and sl st into the first sc of the round. 
 Finish off leaving a long tail for weaving onto your project

 This is what we have made and read

 Good luck with your project, I’d love to hear your feed back. Please do not sell this pattern, please link back to me if you use this pattern, I’d love to see this used for charity, and you can make and sell items from this pattern too. TO PRINT OUT THE PATTERN, COPY AND PASTE TO A WORD DOCUMENT ON YOUR COMPUTER.