Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mikeyssmail Tutorials now Available on DVD!

Not only has Mikeyssmail made his first dvd tutorial for loom knitting, he is giving away 2 signed copies to bloggers world wide!
I found Mikey a few weeks ago and was able to dust off and use my knitting looms for the very first time ever.
I am now constantly viewing and downloading Mikeys tutorials from youtube.
I would really love to be a winner of the DVD so I can just pop Mikey in my DVD player and learn from him with out turning on my computer, which is so slow due to it's age.
Post to Australia please :)


Mikeyssmail said...

Your Blog Entry is Great! You are the first one to enter and the only one at this stage!

How come all the aussie women are so pretty?

:) Michael aka Mikeyssmail

mikeyssmail said...

Your entry is posted at my website at that address for people to view.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh blush, blush, blush thank you Michael, I know you will get heaps of entries, but at least I'm entered for a chance :)