Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knifty Knitter Speed Tip to Share

It's been less than a week since I learned to use the knifty knitter and I have made 4 scarves and 1 hat.
It can be that fast!
Below is a video showing the knifty knitter weave tool that speeds up the weaving process, but you can achieve the same results by using an empty pen/biro casing or even a straw.

Below is the empty pen/biro casing that I have been using to speed up the weaving process. I learnt this tip from Mikeyssmail video tutorials, he calls it a stylus pen, how stylish.

This is my latest scarf made on the rectangular knitting loom. The yarn I used is in the picture too. The length I have been making the scarves is 60 inches or so.

Correction, this is my latest scarf made on the knifty knitter, I made 2 in a day :)
Below is the yarn I used in the black scarf, it's so soft and fluffy!