Monday, May 31, 2010

Crocheted Sheet Music Scarf

Firstly I must point out that the idea for this scarf was not mine. I saw a sheet music scarf whilst surfing crochet on the internet, it did not have a pattern so I did re-create a similar one as shown here.

The scarf is done with a sc.
I did an image search on google for some sheet music to use as a guide for my scarf.
I chained 201 to begin the scarf. I did 6 rows of white, 1 black, 3 white, 1 black, until I had my 5 black bars and I finished with 6 rows of white.
I came across a little hiccup with my scarf. As you can see my edging is sloped. I tried the method of sc across the first row of ch and ended the row there leaving the end for a tassel. Then with out turning, I came back to the beginning sc on the right hand side and began my row again, I did this through out the scarf, working the one row with out turning from right to left, leaving the stragglers for tassels on each end. This method may have worked on a straight edge if I had sc in the back loops of the st's.
I tried this method as I had to guesstimate on the move where I would begin my black lines. But now in hind sight, I could have done it differently. I don't mind the effect here so it stays with this one.
I have never taken notice of how sheet music works or where the notes should be placed. So the best way to get a working guage of it, is to draw it for your self. This really does assist you. 
Next I made lengths of a sc foundation row, not a regular chain, this gives the notes more body. I simply made it a certain length and tried it onto the scarf in the shape of the note I was using, adjusting the length as needed. I had chosen 3 notes to work with.
I pinned my shape onto the scarf and re-positioned it several times until I was happy with it's placing.
Here I am sewing it into place.
I tried to make sure there was not much blue showing through the back side of the scarf.
And here is the finished scarf once again.

I do hope you like this, my next musical adventure will be the notes done in filet on a scarf too.