Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm finally using my knifty knitter!

I must admit I was quite apprehensive about using the knifty knitters. I gave it a try some time back and put it away. Gave it a try last night and put it away again, thought more about it, did some research and here is what I have achieved so far with the help of viewing, yes you guessed it more video tutorials from youtube!
I chose some thick medium that I was given some time back which was too difficult to crochet with and I added some pretty pink feathered medium to brighten up the pink.
I think it is looking great so far. I am making a scarf.
Below are the 2 video tutorials that will assist me in the completion of the scarf. It really is making up quite quickly now that I have the hang of it.
The first video shows you how to begin the scarf.

The second video shows you how to finish the scarf.

I really hope these video's help some one as much as they helped me, thank you to the producers of the video tutorials!

Here are some progress shots and the finished scarf with a hat too!

Completed scarf.

Here is the hat about a third of the way in progress.

The hat coming off the knifty knitter ring.

The pair together, all in a days work!
I could not have achieved the both of these if it were not for the video tutorials supplied above.
Thank you Producers!


Dorothy said...

Thanks for posting the video links. Like you, I've had my long loom for awhile but never could get the hang of casting on, so rather than get totally frustrated, I put it away. You have inspired me to give it another go.

Sherry said...

Videos are the best! When I starting learning to knit and the friend teaching me wasn't available, I went online and found a teaching video.

My response to your response...I'll think about it. ;o)

Dawn said...

Hey Cat, When you first put your stitches on the loom if you thread your yarn through a straw about the size of a thick shake one ( cut to your chosen length of course) it will keep your knuckles from getting the bashing that do when winding the stitches on... oh gosh I hope this makes sense to yu coz it is really good.
Good to see ya back too.

Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

OH MY GOSH USE IT HAVE FUN!!!! I have made tons of hats!!!!!! I made a bunch of baby hats in pink and blue and took them to our hospitol and gave them away to the new babies for Christmas..You are so right to use yarn that is too hard to hand crochet on it. It's perfect for that kind of yarn!!!
Keep using it!!! I can't leave my house with out mine!!! LOL!!!!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Tow mile creek primitives, love your name! I am having so much fun with the knifty knitter right now I just can't put it down! Thanks for stopping by!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Sherry I sure know what you mean there.

Dawn great minds think alike! I'm using an empty biro casing and I feel as though I am writing little e's all the time!