Thursday, May 28, 2009

Packing For The Move

Well it won't be long now before we actually move houses.
Packing can take up so much room, so this is how I have tackled it.

Guess what is under the tarp?
Yep boxes. I found a bed base that I could lay on the brick work out side under the pergola, this acted like a pallet for me, keeping the boxes off the ground. I only put boxed items out side that the dew would not affect. I need all the room I can get inside the house, we still need to live in a liveable environment and this helped save so much space.

Below are actual wardrobe boxes, they come with a steel bar that sits across the inside of the box and you just hang your clothes off the bar. I filled the bottom with shoes.
Now this is a light weight way of packing, believe it or not I have over a 100 of these bags, so why not use them. They are compact and easy to carry. They are great for DVD's and books too.
More carry bags and the filing boxes to the left in the picture, have all of my precious pattern books in them.
I sold my large 8 seater dining suite, with the 4 stools too. This was just planning ahead. As we are down sizing house sizes, I have to down size some of my furniture too. Oh by the way the tropical fish tank was sold too, one less hassle to move. So whilst I do not have a kitchen suite, I am using one of my out door settings in the kitchen. I do not really like the idea of having the out door setting inside, but I am currently shopping on ebay for a replacement kitchen suite.

This is the house we bought and what it first looked like, it's fine if you like the colour.
But that colour was not my cup of tea, so here is a progress shot of the new colour scheme. If you look closely wou will see my grandson Cooper near the step.
And we have a nice double carport.
But this was the sale clincher for us, the beach is just a stone's throw away and when I took Cooper there, he did not want to leave.

I am so hoping to make the most out of my surroundings, beach walks and bush walks too. A place for the family to come for holidays, a place for a good wholesome way of life for hubby and I. Pity I can't cook scones very well, LOL.