Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crochet Slipper Socks

The pattern for the slipper socks came from the 2009 Calendar, Crochet Pattern a Day. I am sure it is free on line some where, when I come across the link I will add it to this post. My Rav friend Shilo made a pair first and I liked them. In the new house the carpet is all cream, so my plan is to have people to take their shoes off at the front door and throw on a pair of my hand made slippers to wear inside. So I'll need a few more pairs I think.
I made the variegated green pair first. with this pair I made a mistake with the directions and continued with 2 strands of yarn in the upper ribbed sock part. But they will be nice and warm to wear.

I think I like the variegated purple/pink colour the best. The pattern calls for every second row to be done in the back loop of the st, but the effect did not stand out so well with the first variegated yarn, so I did not use the back loop method at all in this pair, oh I did do it at the section where the sole meets the sides.

They are quite easy to make up when you read the pattern correctly and use a stitch marker on the beginning of each row, I stuffed up 2 sole's by not using a stitch marker, but I did not frog them, I am going to add them onto my free form afghan.

This pattern is from the same author but a little different.

There is a free pattern on line that is similar to this pattern, but not the same.