Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Fire Truck Fund Raiser Day

I rocked up just prior to 8.00 am and set up next to the sausage sizzle man, he is to the left of the table in the picture below.

I was then provided with a marquee, which looked more like a mosquito net and I also set up and sold the items that are on the table out side to the right of my tent. Those items were all donated for the day and I did a pretty good trade on those as I set bargain prices. Better to be sold than not, was my motto on the day.
The star dish cloths were made by Shilo from Ravelry. Shilo also made many more things for the day and she even came along to help for a while. I must thank Shilo's husband for bringing her there, Shilo's daughter for being such a sweety and Shilo for helping out. So a big thank you, to the Shilo family.

Oh now who do you think this clown is? Nah, I wouldn't be caught dead in that get up! But hey, anything to drag extra business in was well worth it.

Now this little fellow is my grandson Braydn. He came along to see the fire trucks and fast cars.
And this is Bradyn's brother Cooper, who got to go in the fire truck and the lovely girl next to him, is my number 3 daughter who assisted to get the fund raiser off and running.

For you footy fans, here is the Melbourne Demons Mascot, near some very nice hotted up cars.

There was plenty of fire trucks on board for the day, but sadly 2 of them were called out, to yet another fire.

Now this was a real thrill, a jet engine vehicle. I have never seen one before and I was not aware of what happens when they start up. But I soon found out and jumped 10 foot into the air! I was able to snap this awesome picture of the flames ripping out of the jet. I'd love to have one of those for heating on a cold night, but not the noise along with it. My hubby was at home and he said our windows shook, he thought it may have been another earth tremor as we had a real one the night before.
Just some more hotted up cars. Boys and their toys.
Well the day was it self was enjoyable, a band played some toe tapping songs. There was plenty of activity happening around to just sit back and take in. And between the 2 stalls I ended up with a grand total of $400 for the day! I was very pleased and it was a pleasure to be able to pitch in and help raise the money for the day.
I do have left over stock that I will be taking to the Salvo's collection centre for the fire victims.
I hope you have enjoyed my little adventure here.