Friday, March 6, 2009

This is what the relief packages look like now.

The yellow ribbon that all the parcels are wrapped in, represent the bush fire victims, just like a pink ribbon represents breast cancer.
Below is a group shot.
Feminine scent's, moisturiser and deodorant wrapped in a lovely soft cotton face cloth.
Luxury soaps, again wrapped in a lovely soft cotton face cloth.
Deodorant's for the men too.
And a little bit for baby, baby powder and nappy change lotion packs.

I just may be able to source some more goodies before they are sent off. A special thank you to those who have helped me with supplies and the making of some cloths too.


laughing purple goldfish said...

what a fabulous array of goodies - you've done a great job of getting those all together, well done!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Hi Purple, thanks for the feed back, it hasa been a feel good effort, good for the soul.

Joyce said...

Lovely gifts...a job well done!

Crochet Princess Beth said...

Those are wonderful gifts! They will really appreciate them! Way to go! Hugs! Beth in VA

Islagringo said...

Good going! You should rightfully be proud of yourself!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Joyce, thank you and they sold quite well too.

Crochet Princess Beth, the baby parcels sold out and a few of the soap and deodorants went well too.

Islagringo, it really did make me feel good, I am a humble person, but I did sense proudness with in me, thank you.