Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crochet And Feel Good

Once I had finished this small duo, I did feel good!
A plea came from a crochet friend to help a 3 year old little boy named Aaron, who has cancer. We were told of his favourite colours, which were green and yellow, we were also asked for a 12 inch square to go into the making of an afghan for Aaron. Of course this was all voluntary. I had been wanting to make a mitered square and I also find this type of square eye catching. I also thought if he likes green, he probably likes frogs, so I made him a frog hat too. I used my pattern for the floppy brimmed boys army hat, I did not have a size 3. Using the size 2 as a guide, I just went up a half a hook size and added an extra round of increase. I left off the brim and made a band around the hat that can be folded or unfolded, I thought this would cover any difference in sizing, not knowing the size of Aarons head.
Once I had completed this little project for Aaron, I did feel good about myself knowing this was going to a good cause.