Friday, January 9, 2009

So slow on the crochet lately

I've been very slow crocheting lately, it has taken me for what it seem's like for ever to finish these two items off.

And here is another poncho, the same as the one I made here.

Well I can blame it on the concussion I had just prior to christmas, or I can blame it on being busy with christmas and I could also blame it on this latest injury, which now has the stitches removed and it is almost healed.

But what ever it may be, I miss it. My finger nails have happened to grow very long lately and when I picked up the hook to finish these items off, it was difficult to manipulate long finger nails with the crochet hook and sewing needle. So now I am facing the dilemma of trimming back all of my nicely grown finger nails.
Here is a picture of my little pinky.

Nice nails or nice speedy crochet?