Monday, January 19, 2009

I think you can now call me a crochet groupie

It is now Sunday evening, I have the reached the end of a week-end, full of being with and crocheting along with crochet buddie's. I'm a member of 2 crochet groups in Victoria, Australia. One of them is local and the other is a bit further out from me, but covers the State of Victoria.
Saturday saw me at the meet up with the local Mornington Peninsula group, which meet's about 15 minute's away from where I live and on the Sunday I met up with the Crochet Lovers Victoria group, which met at an almost central location on the outskirt's of Melbourne in a lovely park. The weather was perfect which did see me a little bit wind burned though.
So I think I can officially be called a crochet groupie now.
I did take some picture's, but I have not asked their permission to post them as yet. So you may see a photo or 2 in this post eventually.
I will also point out that if it were not for Ravelry, I would not have met or been involved with any local crocheter's.


Grandma said...

When I saw your post said Monday January 19th I thought I was in the twilight zone because it is only Sunday, January 18th here. Of course it finally dawned on me that you live in Australia, a few miles away. It is so cool to know,or at least sort of know somebody so far away. I got out my chochet hook (size G) last night and started a baby blanket. I don't have a baby, but I have a bunch of granddaughters that could have one. Some day, maybe. Hoping, praying, fingers crossed.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh that is great Grandma, be prepared is my motto, you never know and once one starts the others will follow quickly!