Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crochet at a Fast Pace

I'm becoming a real crochet groupie now. I've been involved in a couple of swaps, met up with some local groups, follow crochet blogs from around the world and now something very new.
Have you seen the word KAL or CAL? Well they are short for knit along or crochet along.
It's where more than one person is making the same item at the same time and you share your progress, ask questions and finally the finished items are shared.
So I entered my first CAL, it was to make the Seraphina Shawl. I've never made a shawl before and I'm also looking for winter warmers for the market this year.
I made this shawl in 2 nights of serious crochet time. Once I had the pattern established in my head, it made the making of it so much quicker.

This is the yarn I chose because I had lot's of it. It goes from thick to thin to lacey.

I thought I would add some plain yarn as well, to make crocheting with the crazy yarn a little easier.

This is a progress shot.

And here it is finished, not sure if I will add the tassel's as yet.

It's a lovely warm shawl too.
Now this is a pineapple scarf I have had my eye on for a while to make.

It's simply, pineapple on pineapple to the length you want it.

I over crocheted the first and last pineapple to give it some more flair'. I'm not really sure if I like it though. I created something similar last year, with the pineapple's on the ends and (US) dc in between the pineapples.