Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Tunisian Entrelac Stitch

The first picture is fresh off the hook! And all I can say is goody goody gum drops! I have wanted to learn the Etrelac st for so long, so I grabbed a big breath of confidence, did some on line research and here it is!

I found the information on 2 sites. One site being easier for me to understand, so that will be the first link supplied. Site one. Site 2.

Below is a picture of my first ever dish cloth I made this week. I was informed that making your own dish cloths in cotton are far better than the bought one's in the shop. Firstly they can be squeezed out easier with very little water left in them, secondly you just wash them and re-use them over and over again!

The internet is full of on line patterns for free. The more ridges in the cloth the better they scrub too. I just made the above cloth free hand (no pattern) with front post and back post dc (US). I really thought the entrelac stitch would make a great looking dish cloth too, so that is another reason I learned that st.
I finished playing around with the Entrelac st above and made it into a dish cloth.

Below are some great links for dish cloths.
dish cloth mania lots
Includes recycled plarn in the centre for a scrubbie.

Pattern Book Dish Cloths.

Hope you have enjoyed my little adventure here.