Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Tunisian Entrelac Stitch

The first picture is fresh off the hook! And all I can say is goody goody gum drops! I have wanted to learn the Etrelac st for so long, so I grabbed a big breath of confidence, did some on line research and here it is!

I found the information on 2 sites. One site being easier for me to understand, so that will be the first link supplied. Site one. Site 2.

Below is a picture of my first ever dish cloth I made this week. I was informed that making your own dish cloths in cotton are far better than the bought one's in the shop. Firstly they can be squeezed out easier with very little water left in them, secondly you just wash them and re-use them over and over again!

The internet is full of on line patterns for free. The more ridges in the cloth the better they scrub too. I just made the above cloth free hand (no pattern) with front post and back post dc (US). I really thought the entrelac stitch would make a great looking dish cloth too, so that is another reason I learned that st.
I finished playing around with the Entrelac st above and made it into a dish cloth.

Below are some great links for dish cloths.
dish cloth mania lots
Includes recycled plarn in the centre for a scrubbie.

Pattern Book Dish Cloths.

Hope you have enjoyed my little adventure here.


Momwithahook said...

Great job on entralec. I was searching that this last week too and found both the sites you listed very helpful although my preference was for the second one. :)

I made my first square, I'll take a pic and post on my blog but it is FUN huh?

I first discovered entralec on with a knit entralec hat pattern - I was amazed and then search it out on the net and found some knit versions that I can probably figure out but crochet is my preference.

cocoacream said...

Thanks so much for posting a link to my textured dishcloth pattern! That tunisian entrelac looks wonderful, too. I haven't tried tunisian crochet yet, but someday I plan to do so!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Momwithahook, yes I am excited about learning it. I've just got to get a square going now. LOL.

cocoacream, oh the Tunisian stitch is such an adventure, I hope you do get around to it, you are selcome for the link too.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

cocoacream, should be welcome up there not selcome. LOL.

Tannia said...

If I ever feel the urge to crochet again one day - these links will be VERY useful *GRIN*

Thanks for sharing :)

Knitting Patterns said...

Beautiful blog! I'm a new knitter and love looking at more experienced craftsman. Your work is appreciative.
Keep Knitting,

tisme said...

I have some links to crocheted dishcloths. I will dig them out and post on the HGTV board for you Cats.

Rachel G said...

great job! I only use home made dishcloths and I make towels to set dishes to dry on the counter so much more asorblet! i prefer crochet cloths to knit and a tight stitched tunisian the best... it also makes for a great soap sack in the shower or a expholiating wash cloth.

Some don't like them but I hope you enjoy using them. Wash them 1st for best results!

Front post/back post is a fun one to make. Try making a hexagon or square pot holder (granny square style) in one or the other... it makes a really intresting ridges on one side and rounds on the other.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Tannia, glad to be of help, I surely do hope you pick up the hook again.

Knitting Patterns, good luck in your knitting adventures, it's fun to have a hobby.

Tisme, great! I'll be looking out for them thank you.

Rachel, hi! I was thinking of making the metred one too, where you begin in the corner to make a square, I think that would look good too.

Sherryknit said...

wonderful colors. Looks hard.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Sherryknit, it is not very hard at all. You must try it as it is fun!

Karen said...

An acquaintance on Harsens' Island showed me an afghan she picked up years ago at a flea market. It wears like IRON! She wanted me to make one like it for her daughter. None of her friends could identify the stitch used... Well, I identified it as Tunisian, or Afghan stitch, but couldn't figure out how they got all those little blocks of color together, without a lot of loose ends and seams...
You have the answer in ENTRELEC!!!!
Thanx so much, I'll start with a baby/pram size, before tackling the larger project... and I'm sure she won't want to pay what my time will be worth.
THANKS for doing some homework for me... I've been looking for a year now, to find anything like it.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Karen, I think that is a great story you told us all. Glad to help!!!!!

Karen said...

Almost done with the Pram size, using an H hook and Baby Sport (size 3) yarn. about 12 hrs... is that good? Will it still take 2 months to do twin size?
I think the one I have to make a copy of must have used an E or F hook, it's verrrrrrryyyyyy tight!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Karen, you may be right with the hook sizing. How ever the more you do it the quicker you will become.
Cheers Cat.
P.S. thanks for the update!

Kim @ Knot Krisp said...

Just stumbled onto your blog when I was searching for more information about Tunisian entrelac. I'm working on a fun project using this method and love it! I enjoyed browsing your blog posts about entrelac. I haven't really looked much into using crocheted/knit washcloths but after reading your post and others' comments maybe this is something I should look into. Off to browse your blog some more!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Hi Km, glad you found my blog interesting, good luck with the Tunisian entrelac st :)

Heather said...

Found you through a search for this stitch, thanks so much for the link to My Life in Knots, it was very helpful!! Working on my second row already, it really is easier than I thought.