Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Puppie's Are Ready To Go

My puppies are old enough to leave their Mother now, except for one whom I have named Rev. Rev can't be sold, from the day he was born I was very concerened for him. I stayed up with his Mother all night watching and checking each pup as they were born and I did not expect a 5th to be born, so off I went to bed and after a few hours my Hubby woke me to tell me there was a 5th puppy! When I checked him out he was cold, if only I had been there upon his birth I could have used a few simple techniques to assist him, this may have decreased the brain damage he seems to have due to lack of oxygen. I also used some small scale's twice a day to ensure he was putting on weight, which he was. I named him Rev, because when he began to walk, it was in reverse. Straight to the vet I went with him and I was told all we can do is wait and see how he develops. He can now walk forward, with his head a little lop sided, but he is learning to compensate for the difference in his balance. I never get emotionally attached to the puppies I have bred, but little Rev is a different case completely and who could not fall in love with this little face below!
These are his 4 siblings. 2 males and 2 females. I also used these picture's for the add I put in the trading post and the phone has been ringing off the hook! I did not expect such a response so early, but I have had to put off the buyers for another few days until I get their first vaccination. I also price my puppies at a good price, priced to sell, I don't hang out for that extra few dollars I know I could get.

I have given them a good start in life, of course with the help of their Mother, actually she has done most of the work. I just try to keep them clean, out of harms way and fed. They now eat wet and dry food. Feeding time is hilarious. The picture below was a week earlier than the above picture's. It's amazing just how quick they develop and grow. Little Rev is the crooked one in the picture, he get's in for his fair share, his disability is not stopping him at all!