Monday, August 18, 2008

Stash Buster

Referring back to my scrumbling/freeform crchet project, I've decided to turn it into a stash buster project as well. I have the scumbled piece hanging over the back of my rocker and because it was not a large piece, it was for ever creeping off the rocker and I was for ever putting it back. I've also had these small bit's of yarn left over from many things that I have made. Whilst watching an antique show a beautiful quilting piece was shown and it was made from left over pieces of the royal family's dresses that had been hand made. That is when the idea came to me. What better way to remember a lovely piece of yarn used, or a favourite item made. So I am adding the left over yarns to the original piece and I do this when I am brain dead and do not want to concentrate too much on any one thing. I am also using a variety of crochet stitches to keep it a free form project. I will also add those odd bit's that did not make the cut, flower's, beginning's of some thing's etc.

This the first piece
Now it has grown more and stay's put
Now that it has grown, I'm actually using it more, it keeps my legs warm when sitting on the rocker.