Friday, August 22, 2008

My Large Crocheted Rag Bag

I so enjoyed working with the crochet rags, that even before I had finished this project, I was planning my next one.

Here is the finished bag, I wanted a big bag, but it turned out bigger than I expected. I have woven a line of beads directly below the plain pink crochet line. The beads consist of cats eye's, painted glass and a cracked glass heart.

Below is the first doona cover I cut into strips. Tutorial here.

This is the second colour of choice, just as I had cut both ends of the cover off, my daughter came down the stairs and yelled to me that this was her doona cover. Woop's. My reply was that she must also have the pillow cases then.

This is my second colour choice and the last of my old doona covers.

So after I had cut strips from about a third of each of the covers, this is how much I have to work with so far, I had to cut more later.

The bag made up reasonably quick. On the final 2 rows of the bag and around the bag handles, I used a light weight cord, that I single crocheted over, to give the upper part of the bag more strength.

I measured and marked where my handles would be made.

Now it was on to lining the bag. I used laughing purples simple bag lining technique.

I was a little apprehensive about the lining, so I would refer back to laughingpurples blog.

I wanted a divider in my big bag, so guess who I went to for help?
Yes laughingpurple

Now I did this all on my own. A pocket for my hooks.

Making the pocket. I really had to think about what I was doing here, ironing really helps to give you a sewing seam.

So I'm feeling pretty good at this stage, pockets in and hooks fit.

Then I was brought down to earth, I had sewed the pocket upside down and onto the bottom of the lining, so I had to unpick it, ugh.

Now it is the right way up and I decided to face the pocket with the reverse side facing outwards, to keep the over flaps from the folds on the inside of the pocket.

It actually looks great and the liner fits perfect!

This is just to give you an idea of the size of the bag.

And another look inside.

This is what I picked up at the op shop for 50 cents a pair, there are 3 pairs here and they are now cut up and ready to go for my next project. I love crochet rags, it's so much fun.

And just a few hours later and almost finished, the little rag bag.

They seem to be multiplying

Tips for working with rags.