Monday, June 2, 2008

Button Mania

I bought this stash of buttons from Trash and Treasure for $3.00.

I'd say there is about 100 or so.

They were a little dirty and smelt.

I have washed them and they still smell, so they are now soaking in eucalyptus oil.

I am sitting quite a distance from them and I can smell them from here!

So I'm sure they'll come up a treat!

Just a few varieties


So I cleaned the buttons and got them smelling nicer. The eucalyptus oil was not a good idea as it tended to melt the plastic on some buttons. I also got around to sorting them into coloured groups and I counted them. Guess how many? Well in total there was 436!

126 blue, 80 grey, 135 brown/red shades, 114 green and 81 black & assorted .

More of My Button Stash

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Nice buy! Good that you managed to get the smell out too.

You've got some lovely patterns on to just get to the end of my WIP pile!