Monday, June 2, 2008

Tie Front Sweater from Positively Crochet

This tie front sweater is a pattern from the positively crochet pattern book.

Great pattern book I must add.

The top of the sweater is a very nice fit.

You can make it the length you want.

I made the large size and used 100% 8ply wool, with a size 5.00 and 6.00 mm hook.

The top part is also done in double strands (which makes it nice and warm)

and the lower part in single strand. Hence the 2 sizes of hooks.

Below is a picture of the matching hat and neck warmer I made.

This is the book and the pattern is on page 61. I recommend this book to any one thinking of purchasing it.


Mary Jane said...


I just want to say I am the author of Positively Crochet and really appreciate your comments about the book :) Your Tie Front Sweater looks great! Are you a member of Ravelry? If so, can you link your photo to me as the designer? If you do not know about Ravelry yet, it's an online community of knitters and crocheter's. You would love it. It's at All you have to do is sign up and they'll send you an invitation. Thanks so much! Mary Jane Hall

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh yes I'm a member of ravelry, I'm so glad you saw your sweater and that you want me to link it to you. Thanks so much. Cat.

Mimi said...

Love the buttons. I am a collector of sorts. Grandma left me hers and that started it. My buttons are not the costly ones some collect. I do so love going in my button boxes and having a look around.
I wish I had stopped by here first and read about the book. I had it in my shopping cart 5 min ago and decided to go with a baby book instead thinking I might not use the designs for my girls. I first took notice of it and put it in my wish list from eye spying it on Bron's blog along time ago. Your sweater my DD would love. Next time I will get it. You did a beautiful job.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Thanks for your compliment mimi, I'd say that this sweater pattern could be used as a shorter version too. Just use the top part and make a long tie on each side to tie in the centre.