Friday, March 28, 2008

Crochet Mouse Chase around the Hat

I just love coming up with these quirky hats.
Here is my latest.
It's the Mouse chase to the cheese, via the track around the hat.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crochet Basic Hat and Neck Warmer

To make the basic crown, I use this guide
I did add an extra increase round as my yarn may have been a bit finer than the one suggested and I also used a smaller hook.
Once I had the crown established I worked the griddle st (the up and down st) around the hat as I had used it in the neck warmer.
I finished off with a row of hdc, a row of 1 sc and ch 3 around, then I worked 5 sc in the ch 3, around and I finished off with a picot in the centre of the 5 sc around.
The flower was one I made up, as I wanted one that I could centre a button in and hang some jewellry from the button. I am particulary pleased with the hanging jewellry and I intend to work with this style more often.
I'm also showing off my new head model here.
Its the first time I have used her. She is a bit on the ugly side, but I can always take photo shots like the first in of this post. I picked her up at a garage sale for around $5.00. Yes she came quite cheap and willing.

Crochet a magnet......360 of them

What would you do with 360 magnets?

Well I have made a start making fridge magnets.

I was told they scratch the fridge so they all have to be covered to ensure they do not scratch. I have found that if I cover them too much they start to slip, even though they are a powerful little magent.

This is how I made an egg, I can't decide on a good desgin for the bacon as yet.

These are some patterns I aquired from the internet.

Except for the tea pot and tea cup, I made them up as I went along.

I'm not too happy with the cup as yet, but I suppose I have about 355 more shots at it.

These are a hoot of a magnet.

Crochet Monkey/Knitted Cow

This is how the story goes.

Deb and Don pictured below, bought a plush cow as a gift for a baby.

They put me to the test to see how good my crochet was and asked if I could copy it.

So I took a photo of the which is below.

OK, so this is the cow, it is a machine knit and oh so cute.

I knew it was a cow to begin with, but it reminded me of the pet monkey, Penny from lost in space had. Her monkey had those little horn things on it's head too.

OK, so by this time I'm thinking monkey (DERR).

Now this is the out come of the cow. Cow come monkey. I didn't allow for the shrinkage in the arms and legs once they were stuffed, so they are a little short.

Now to further my stupidity, I just did an image search for Penny's monkey and it didn't have horns, more like large pointed ears.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crochet Doctor Doll, with link to the free pattern.

On Sunday night I was walking down the stairs reading a bit of paper

(not a good idea to read something whilst tackling stairs)

when I came to the very last step I missed most of it and slipped off, rolling my toes underneath my foot and I came crashing down in agony.

It was immediately obvious to me that something had broken.

After a 3 hour visit to the hospital, I arrived back at home with a pair of crutches to support my fractured foot.

Now I have lots of spare time to crochet.

Nursing my Foot.

I made a cover to keep the bandage cleaner.

I have a follow up visit with my Doctor this Thursday.

He has been my family Doctor for over 20 years and he has seen me and my family through some very rough times.

You see drawings of appreciation from children in the Doctors rooms, I can't draw for nuts, but I sure can crochet.

I have been wanting to give a token of appreciation to my doctor for a while.

So I chose to make the Doctor Who Doll.

But I left out the Who part and gave him a stethoscope to make him look more like a regular Doctor. He has the stethoscope in his ears and the white button thingy in the picture is the end of the stethoscope.Thin black plastic tubing makes up the rest of it.

It's a little hard to make out as it is black on black.

Thanks to Tracy from snuffykins journal.

Just an update here... I gave the Doctor Doll to my Doctor, he thanked me graciously and stated that he was not going to leave it in his Doctors Office where it may come to harm. I was a little nervous giving it to him, but his reaction put me at ease.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lining my bags.

Okay here are some bags I've lined in the past week. A couple of them have been hanging around for a while waiting to be finished. I'm not the best at sewing, but I'll give it a go.

The first bag is made from that carpet yarn I had in the box.

(I've still got acre's of it left, yes acre's, it sounds more than miles/km's and it seems like that too)

I added some pretty fluffly yarn to bring out the beauty of the carpet yarn.

Some cotton flowers to boot.

I also added a zip (sewing again)

And I added a handle I bought , yes one handle, I never thought to buy two of them, now I know better. Oh well, it's a light little purse so the single handle will be suffice.

And last but not least the lining, I tried to sew the sides of the lining with the sewing machine, but the material didn't grab under the machine needle too well, so I hand sewed the lot. It's sort of a silky jersey material, the print is lovely and changes colours.

Now do you remember the dress bag?
Here it is lined too.

Here is another bag lined.

I was playing around with granny squares and after I had made a few from different patterns, I wondered what I could do with them.
I came across this pattern for a bag and I used the diagram to piece the bag together.
I haven't put handles on the bag as yet, as I ran out of the pink yarn.

Now here are some very good tutorials for bag lining.
Both are very good tutorials.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crochet Kids Hats in Richmond Football Tigers colours

The first hat has a pattern which can be found here.

This was made for Darcy who is 5.

This hat was made for Bella who is 3.

There was no pattern, I made it up as I went along.

This is my hat model revealed.

This hat was made for Lily who is 7.
No pattern once again, I made it up as I went along

Just thought I'd sneak this one in.
It's a cow of a hat for a baby.