Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crochet Monkey/Knitted Cow

This is how the story goes.

Deb and Don pictured below, bought a plush cow as a gift for a baby.

They put me to the test to see how good my crochet was and asked if I could copy it.

So I took a photo of the which is below.

OK, so this is the cow, it is a machine knit and oh so cute.

I knew it was a cow to begin with, but it reminded me of the pet monkey, Penny from lost in space had. Her monkey had those little horn things on it's head too.

OK, so by this time I'm thinking monkey (DERR).

Now this is the out come of the cow. Cow come monkey. I didn't allow for the shrinkage in the arms and legs once they were stuffed, so they are a little short.

Now to further my stupidity, I just did an image search for Penny's monkey and it didn't have horns, more like large pointed ears.