Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crochet Projects

Just a few projects I have been working on recently.

I've been thinking about destashing, especially the small quantities of left over yarn. This is one project I had success with, I gathered lots of scrap blues and called this scrappy blues. It has several different crochet st's in it too.
Another scrap project was a cot blanket made for a grand son due in November, it is the C2C crochet pattern, found here.
I got involved in a granny square swap and these are some of the squares I made, I have a board on pinterest which have the patterns for the squares found here.

 I have also made some head bands for custom orders.

I have another order for a family member which I am currently making, a small throw made with the African flower square which is so pretty. But we could not resist the happy hippo pattern made with the African flower to go with the throw, the hippo is almost finished too.

I also made a peppa pig for my grand daughter, she loves peppa pig, when the show finishes on TV she hits the TV screen and cries, so she needs a peppa pig of her own, the free pattern can be found here
Some coffee cozies
A baby hat

Tunisian honey comb st head band
 Cable crochet head band
So I have been busy with my crochet and have many more projects cued up.
This is my place to share with you and also keep my memorable crochet addiction in a place that I can reflect upon.
Thanks for reading, happy crafting.