Friday, May 4, 2012

Crochet Baby Hats With Applique's/Animal Design

Add Some Flair To Your Baby Beanies!

If you are looking for something to make your baby beanie just a little different, wacky, or just simply cute, an image search within your browser will give you a visual delight of plenty idea's!

I used my ribbed look baby beanie pattern for the hat and I found the skull and cross bones, (I had to use the way back machine to get this link) here. They may not be to every ones taste, but to some I bet they'd love em!

The hat with the little heart is my ribbed look baby beanie (link above), I found a very quick crochet heart to make and sewed it on. The other kitty hat can be found in an image search too, I did not follow a pattern, I used different sized circles and made a bow.

Once again using my ribbed look baby beanie pattern, an image search gave me plenty of idea's for a Minnie Hat. Just a pretty bow and a few buttons gave me my Minnie look.

I was inspired by several owl look, hat images to achieve the owl, on the hat below.

 Once again, I was inspired by several puppy look, hat images to achieve the puppy, on the hat below.

I used my little twister baby hat pattern and found a cute little fish applique here. I used the large guppy.

 Here are a few more that may get you started, all free on line.
cheers Cat! 

Good luck with your project, I’d love to hear your feed back.