Friday, July 9, 2010

Old Sweater New Look

This is a great technique to increase the size of an old or new sweater.
You will need a sweater, a shirt that is longer than the sweater, scissors, pins and sewing machine.

Shirt and Sweater

Cut the button up panel from the shirt, leaving an  over lap on each side for sewing

Cut the sweater down the centre

Sew up the button edge so it does not flare open, leave a small bit un sewed at the bottom for some flare

Attach the button flap from the bottom of the sweater and up wards with some pins, then sew into place.

Pin the other side into place from the bottom to the top of the sweater, have a check to see if it is even with the other side, then sew into place

The striped pattern makes gives you a nice straight line to sew on

Fix up the collar how you would like it to sit, finished :)

Want to add more of the shirt to your sweater?

Use the pockets or cuffs for a more dramatic look.

Would you like to see more idea's using a similar method with felted sweaters?
Watch this Video Tutorial.