Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crochet A graph In The Round

Crocheting a graph in the round most certainly can be achieved with the correct graph.
Because the stitches are off set when working in the round, a flat graph will not line up, making your picture slanted or even distorted.

I tried to make the flat graph work in the round, I ripped it so many times, but I was getting no where with it. I decreased and increased to make it work some what. 
But the end result was not quite up to standard, I did write down the instructions as I was making it up, but changing colors, decreasing and increasing in a simple construction of a hat was quickly becoming a difficult to use pattern. 
I prefer the KISS method. But I was not to be beat, I began to crochet a hat, using the hdc ear flap method, 
BUT, I did not join my rounds, 
 I've never tried this method before and it was working up really well, I got to where I estimated the graph would suit best and I began the flat graph pattern. 
 Although I was not joining rounds and going back and forth, the hat shape was still forming.
The flat graph fitted perfectly and I got the result I had wanted.
 BUT, using this method of not joining the rounds did increase the hat size. I am currently working on a smaller stitch to obtain the hat size I want.
The free pattern will be available once I have achieved this.
I must point out that the graph is not mine, so my pattern will be more or less a stitch count from the graph it's self.
It did take me 5 nights if ripping and writing to achieve the end result.