Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Grandson Used My Knitting Loom

Meet Darcy, my 7 year old grandson. I taught him how to use the knitting loom tonight. He found it relaxing (words from his mouth).
Unlike the his sister Lily, he soon became a little bored with the loom knitting about half the way through making his hat. So I wrapped the pegs and he lifted the stitches over, soon this eventually bored him too, it was not growing fast enough for him.
I was making something for myself on another loom, but I had to put that aside to finish Darcy's hat off. Darcy was getting a little tired at this stage so I had to go very fast to finish it.
Once it was off the pegs and sewed up, he stuck his fingers through the hat and said look Nan a monster, so we came up with the idea for a monster face to put on the hat.
Some buttons for eye's, a bit of sewing for the mouth and he had to have a mohawk too!
All just in time for bed time too! I'm sure we can add a little something extra tomorrow for more of a monster look. He has worn it to bed, because he says it is nice and warm.
I was really pleased Darcy took an interest in the loom, we have nintendo's, wii's and a playstation too, they all took a back seat to him being creative on the loom.
Well Done My Darcy boy!