Friday, August 14, 2009

Bargain Found In Country Town

The closest place to me with a small supermarket is about 20km's away which is about a 10 min trip. It's an old out of the way little country town. I dare say their over heads would be minimal due to the age and distance of the shops. There are 2 second hand shops and a fantastic Antique and Craft shop that you would definately get lost in for a couple of hours!
It's a bit like a rabbit warren whilst you are navigating your your way around the delights the store has on offer, mmm.
Below are 3 items I picked up for a mere $1.00 at the second hand shop, the bag of 4 x 20gm cotton and the 2 very large heavy duty nylon that would be perfect for soles of the slippers I have been making, which are now worn down to a much thinner ply.

Oh and one more thing, here is a sneak look at the new project I am working on, you'll bever guess what it will be, but the components I need to complete the project are sitting right in the picture, LOL. Go on and have a guess.