Friday, August 14, 2009

Bargain Found In Country Town

The closest place to me with a small supermarket is about 20km's away which is about a 10 min trip. It's an old out of the way little country town. I dare say their over heads would be minimal due to the age and distance of the shops. There are 2 second hand shops and a fantastic Antique and Craft shop that you would definately get lost in for a couple of hours!
It's a bit like a rabbit warren whilst you are navigating your your way around the delights the store has on offer, mmm.
Below are 3 items I picked up for a mere $1.00 at the second hand shop, the bag of 4 x 20gm cotton and the 2 very large heavy duty nylon that would be perfect for soles of the slippers I have been making, which are now worn down to a much thinner ply.

Oh and one more thing, here is a sneak look at the new project I am working on, you'll bever guess what it will be, but the components I need to complete the project are sitting right in the picture, LOL. Go on and have a guess.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm Hooked!

Ha,ha. Hooked up to the internet that is. I have not picked up a hook in over a month, but I have an idea roaming around inside of my head, due to a request that was made of me. I also feel a little out of sorts in my new craft room, I keep moving the furniture around to make it more comfy, but I'm still not pleased and there is so much still to do in other parts of the house. I caught that dam swine flu as I was moving, so it slowed things down for me so much. But hey, I'm good now so on with thing's. Hope you are all well and I'll be checking out your blogs and back onto the forums too. Take care the Cat, ha,ha.
My daughter snapped this of me whilst I was sleeping.