Friday, May 8, 2009

Crochet Piano Key Wrap

Just wrapped this wrap up in time for Mothers Day!
My Mum plays the piano at church every suday and I thought this would be perfect to keep her shoulders warm whilst playing her tunes.
Although my initial idea was for a scarf, the scarf was too wide, so I made it a shoulder wrap instead. I had intensions to make a few of these to raise funds, but it is too time consuming, I need to make smaller items that take less time, which I have and am still making.
My main computer has crashed and it has the graph pattern details with in it's brain.
So I'll have to wait to share this pattern with you.
Below is the beginning of the wrap, it is all made in sc and an 8 ply yarn. I used a graph I altered for the piano keys. To get the same graph on the other side of the wrap, I simply turned the graph up side down and followed it that way.
I made a full length piano scarf way back in 2007 which you can view via this link.
My #5 daughter is my model in these pictures.
Side view.
Side view.

And just a rear view snap. You can see that the wrap folds down into a collar just so neatly.