Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Hands Have Not Been Idle

Well, with all of this house selling and buying business, it has kept me quite busy lately. Although I kept on crocheting small items such as dish cloths, it was not much of a challenge. My step son came for a visit and reminded us of how soon our next grandchild will be born. Two weeks! on the 17th of April. Oh my god I thought, what do I have for our newest arrival? Well I know they are expecting a boy and I knew I had a couple of baby boy cardigans made, but something else was needed. I had a bag of scrap baby yarn, shades of blue, white and cream, perfect starter. Now what to make? I thought a starghan would be different and searched for a 6 pointed babyghan pattern, there are plenty out there for free on the internet. I came across a simple written pattern and began with that one. I should have had more confidence with my crochet ability and adjusted the size of the corners in the beginning of the pattern as it became too tight in some area's, then when I did increase in the corners it would also become too loose. It did not help at all that I was going from 3 ply yarn to 4 ply yarn, so once I had the ball rolling and knew what to do, the whole thing became more even. I used a size 3 mm hook through out and it was oh so slow, especially when I was using some yarn that would split if I was not careful. It took me 5 or 6 evenings, so that was not too bad at all.
So here is the out come, I have since washed it and also used a lovely smelling fabric softener, when it has dried I will try to block it for better shaping.
I have another project on the go now, it will be one with a free and easy pattern for a winter item, so I'll be back with that one soon.