Sunday, February 15, 2009

Off The Hook And Onto The Floor

You'll have to go back in time to appreciate the end result of this rag rug I just finished for my kitchen floor. The original post begins here in early December of 2008. It was a big bag of scrap yarn, the scraps being under 12 inches per piece and some were also a bit longer. When I first began tying the yarn scraps together I was trying to hide the knot, but once I knew what I was going to make with the scraps, I tied them longer. The knots are deliberately all on the one side of the mat, for that real rag rug look. It is just a bit of a shame that the ply was different in some area's causing the rug to look wider on one end. It's all made in simple sc. The yarn was left over from tapestry scraps and it is 100% wool, I also blended this with a carpet nylon for extra strength and durability.
Little Rev, likes my mat too.
Below is a preview of the face cloths that are slowly building up for our fire victims.


Sherryknit said...

I love your rug. Verry Pretty. I would like to make one. Love the colors

I feel so bad for the people touched by the fires. Thank God they have people like you, willing to help them in there time of despair.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Thanks Sherryknit, I hope you get to make one, they are fun.
I heard a request for tea towels today and I had about 1 dozen new ones put away to crochet tops onto, so I gave them to SIL for the person who needs them.
Every little bit counts.

how to crochet said...

i think these crochet material rocking the cat ;)

how to crohcet

cats-rockin-crochet said...

How to crochet, yes I sit on my rocker and crochet too.

Sherryknit said...

The new pictures are cool. I love little Rev. on the new rug. SO CUTE.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

sherryknit, glad you got to see the updated pic's and also with little Rev in them.

Jovie said...

wow. you have done sooo much. what a wonderful lady. i got out my scraps and started a scrappy rug. i have a hippy friend who has her eye on it as a winter blanket for her 1yr old

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Hi Jovie, glad you liked it. If you like hippy things you must see my happy hippy vest here,

Thanks for coming again. Cheers Cat.

tisme said...

I hope this works and takes you to this rug, it is dated February 15th 2009, This is the rug I was wondering what hook you used.
I forgot to tell you, I am glad to see you posting on your blog and at HGTV again. You were missed.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Yes Tammy it worked, woo hoo! The yarn pieces I used were scrap embroidery yarn, I made the mat all in sc and used a 4.00 mm hook, hope this helps you :)