Sunday, February 15, 2009

Off The Hook And Onto The Floor

You'll have to go back in time to appreciate the end result of this rag rug I just finished for my kitchen floor. The original post begins here in early December of 2008. It was a big bag of scrap yarn, the scraps being under 12 inches per piece and some were also a bit longer. When I first began tying the yarn scraps together I was trying to hide the knot, but once I knew what I was going to make with the scraps, I tied them longer. The knots are deliberately all on the one side of the mat, for that real rag rug look. It is just a bit of a shame that the ply was different in some area's causing the rug to look wider on one end. It's all made in simple sc. The yarn was left over from tapestry scraps and it is 100% wool, I also blended this with a carpet nylon for extra strength and durability.
Little Rev, likes my mat too.
Below is a preview of the face cloths that are slowly building up for our fire victims.